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No. Your divorce had nothing to do with your status and there is no reporting amongst illegal aliens divorcing. However, I ma assuming it is going to be an amicable divorce. If not, you never know what charges the other person my claim against you! It's happened to me with someone who is just an alien resident and now I am going to press charges against her to get her deported! Sad but true! * Maybe. Under USCIS laws an undocumented foreign national does not necessarily mean they unlawfully present within the U.S. Their status depends upon which country they are from and the date they entered the U.S.

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Q: Can two undocumented immigrants living in Florida file for a divorce without getting found out and deported?
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Can you get a divorce in Florida since you were married there if you are both undocumented immigrants?

Unless you got married by a back alley wanna be justice of the peace, then yes, you can get a divorce. A marriage would never be granted to undocumented immigrants if laws would be broken.

Can 2 undocumented people married in Florida get a divorce in ny state?

No they cannot.... they need to return to the original place they married and file for divorce there. My best friend had to do this.

How do you divorce someone who has been deported?

i got married to someone who was a imagrant and he got deported how can i get a divorce ?

Can a green card holder be deported if they get a divorce?

No, the divorce alone is not a reason for deportation.

If you file for divorce and your spouse is illegal will they be deported?

yes if they are an illegal immigrant they will be deported back to where they came

Could my sponsored alien husband get deported if i divorce?

The U.S. grants a married immigrant conditional permanent residence status for two years. At the time of the divorce if the two years has not past the spouse is deported after the divorce proceedings.

How do you divorce someone that has been deported and no contact info?

How do I divorce my husband who was departed to Mexico 2 years ago.

Do you need to get a divorce if your husband was illegal?

It seems that you are asking about your marriage to an undocumented immigrant (a/k/a an illegal alien). The lack of a legal immigration status has no effect on the validity of a marriage. Persons illegally present in the United States can marry citizens, or marry other undocumented immigrants, and their marriages are perfectly legal. If you married a foreigner (whether he has a visa, a green care or neither) then you remain legally married to him (even if he returns to his country) and you may not marry again unless you first obtain a legal divorce.

When you merry an illegal immigrant can you get deported if you divorce after 3 years?

Guess ja ja

Can you contest your divorce in Florida?

Yes, you can contest your divorce in Florida. In Florida, you have to list a reason or reasons for a divorce. You are allowed to contest those reasons so they don't become a matter of public record.

Can you divorce in Florida for cruel treatment?

You can divorce for any reason.

How do you file for divorce if your spouse has been deported?

File for a divorce in your spouse's country. No need to .. Do it where you live

Can two documented immigrants who were married in another country get a divorce in New York City?

Several problems might arise because of the "undocumented" issues, which would probably void the possibility of a divorce. However, under regular circumstances persons who were married outside of the United States may indeed be divorced under the laws of the state where they have established residency.

If you are a Florida resident do you have to file for divorce in Florida?

The residency requirement for Florida is that one or the other of the spouses must have lived in Florida for six months immediately prior to filing for divorce.

Do you have to be separated before divorce in Florida?

No. Technically you can live in the same house and still file for divorce. Florida is a No-Fault state you dont need a reason to divorce.

In the state of Florida can you get the divorce within a month even if your spouse is pregnant?

In the state of Florida you cannot get a divorce in a month. It take at least 6 months to get a divorce.

How do you file a divorce for a deported person in Jamaica?

It is possible to divorce even though the other person is in another country. The paperwork can be done in your place of residence.

How does a illegal alien file for a divorce with a US citizen after he was deported?

he has sexual intercourse with the deporting agent

How long do you have to be separated to divorce in Florida?

You can be separated one day and file for a divorce in Florida. Florida is a No-Fault state which means you can file for divorce at any time for any reason and the other person can't do anything about it.

Your wife is on a tourist visa after one year and 3 months you divorce by entry of defaultwill she be deported?

what right do a wife of a k1 visa for 30 days have in a divorce

What is the procedure if you want to file for divorce after your husband has been deported out of Canada?

You may be able to get anullment instead of divorce. Go to a legal library and research data.

My friend is deported and is from Mexico he wants to get his divorce but is scared can you still file it or is there a way for him to get his divorce from his wife?

Have your friend contact the US Consulate nearest him and ask for assistance.

If a U.S. married a illegal but was not aware before they married that this person was illegal and now seeking a divorce would you still need to divorce orwould the marriage be annuled once deported?

You need a divorce!

Can a divorce be reversed in Florida?


If you were married in Las Vegas and live in Florida can you file for divorce in Florida?

You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal resident, regardless of where you were married.