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Can unusual vaginal tenderness after intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?


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Not usually. Its usually a sign of vaginal dryness, irriatation or a thrush infection.

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No the vaginal pain is caused by the dryness of the vagina., and it will hurt during intercourse.

No, pregnancy only occurs with vaginal intercourse.

painful sexual intercourse, vaginal pain, frequent need to urinate, burning or itching in the vaginal area, persistent unusual vaginal discharge

It is when a womens egg is fertilized by a mans sperm following vaginal intercourse.

1-stay a virgin2-don't have vaginal intercourse

Vaginal intercourse or fingering with sperm on fingers.

* feeling of fullness, pressure, or pain in the abdominal area * irregular, delayed or extremely painful periods * painful intercourse * abdominal swelling * urinary problems * infertility * spotting * vaginal pain * unusual vaginal discharge that is creamy or egg-white in nature * breast tenderness * rarely, fever and nausea * sometimes there are no symptoms

* stress * birth control * vaginal infections * vaginal dryness * doctor performed procedures * first time intercourse

Yes you can get anal genital herpes by vaginal intercourse.

Pregnancy on the IUD is unusual. Bleeding with the IUD is not a special sign of pregnancy. If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

No, pregnancy can only occur with vaginal intercourse. There is no food/drink that can make you pregnant without it.

Vaginal secretion for smooth intercourse

HiSigns of early pregnancy are:Missed periodBreast tendernessDarkening of AerolaAbdominal crampingIncrease in vaginal dischargeTirednessNausea or vomitingHeadache

If it's a high risk pregnancy the doctor will tell you. Otherwise sex is encouraged while pregnant.

If the man ejaculates during vaginal intercourse, whether or not he's erect, there's a chance of pregnancy.

It is perfectly normal for semen to overflow from the vaginal passage after intercourse. The overflowed semen liquifies within 3 to 5 minutes and is of no use. Couples need not worry about this, as there will be more than enough semen in the Vaginal passage to induce pregnancy.

I would say only if you cut a hole in it and the male have sex with the pineapple instead of vaginal intercourse with the female. Then there'd be no chance of pregnancy.

Yes, increase in vaginal moisture is normal in pregnancy.

Have vaginal intercourse and especially when you ovulate.

By having vaginal intercourse.

Any trauma can lead to a hematoma. Vaginal hematoma can be caused by intercourse.

The vaginal irritation can be a infection and not related to any pregnancy but if you are late and have had unprotected intercourse, there is a risk.

with someones vaginal intercourse

No, not unless you have vaginal intercourse afterwards.

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