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no but your mom cAN

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Q: Can video gaming cause health problems?
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Do video games cause health problems?

Video games can cause health problems, such as obesity or addiction, however all problems can be avoided by being educated about what lies at the heart of the condition. For example, video games are often blamed for causing obesity in teens. However, video games only cause obesity in excess, when they are played so often that they interfere with the player's real life. Adjusting time spent playing video games and time spent performing physical activities can easily prevent obesity because of video games. Likewise, excess "screentime," that is, time spent in front of a screen, can cause headaches and other complaints. Playing video games in moderation can significantly reduce health risks. Repetitive motion injuries are also commonly attributed to video games, but they can be prevented by reducing the frequency of play. Video games can be linked indirectly to many health problems, but if you're educated about how to prevent them, you can avoid them. Gaming can become a fun and safe experience for almost anyone.

How can video games affect your health?

Whilst their have been a vast array of academic papers published in regards to gaming listing things such as an attribution to anti-social behaviour, improved co-ordination, improved mental abilities, etc. There is little in the way of conclusive evidence. As far as health is concerned, the standard concerns with gaming are that you spend a lot of time sitting and watching a screen, so prolonged gaming could lead to joint problems, weight problems, and problems with eyesight. However, there are simple things that can be done to mitigate these issues, which mostly involve gaming in moderation around a healthy lifestyle.

What is the significance of buffer overrun to video gamers?

Buffer overrun can be the source of many software vulnerabilities as well as error codes in video gaming. This can cause a corruption in the program's internal state make gaming impossible.

Do violent video games cause violent behavior problems?

yes they do

Is video-gaming good for you?

ilove it

Do gaming schools teach you how to make video games?

Yes, you would! Gaming schools will teach you how to create different video games.

Are gaming videos copyright?

Even though a gaming video can violate the copyright of the game itself, the video is also copyrighted as a derivative piece by the person who made the video.

Where can you make video games?

In Consumer Electronics,Gaming Consoles and Gaming Hardware,Technology

What is Heavy Gaming?

Heavy gaming is playing video games nonstop until you pass out.

Are gaming computers good for video editing?

ya gaming computers are good for video editing but u also need 3d accelerator card.

What are some technological advances that have revolutionized the video gaming industry?

Several technological innovations have been introduced to the video-gaming industry, including:The Graphic User Interface.The video card.The processor.Wireless remotes.Most anything relating to multimedia can be counted as an advance to gaming.

What is the most useful character in video gaming?

a pokemonpol

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