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What are boy names?

I was also thinking about that too here are some i thought of Josh,Adam,Jaden,Jared,Chris,Shane,Dillan,Chad,Isaiah,Taylor,Charlie, Justin Here is a twin boy name DERON and DELON

Where did Fall Out Boy get the name Fall Out Boy?

They got their name during the end of their second show, as they asked the crowd for suggestions one loud concert-goer shouted FALL OUT BOY! which is the name of a not too well known Sipmons Character. They actually thought they would get sued for using the name with out permission from Simpsons Cha ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the boy from The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Like the mediebal (Everyman) often writers dealing with expendable characters sought like modern accident acutuaries ( 40% more likely to have a fatal crash ) used anonymity as a sort of shielding device. Characters who are expended in stories usually have no name and only the barest minimum of phys ( Full Answer )

What is a boy name?

Jon Ben Joey Ronald Ken Liam Dylan Shawn mike Cutie David Fernando Fabian John Javier

Name some boy names?

A's -Alex -Alexander -Austin -Aaron -Adam -Adrien B's -Brandon -Brayden -Brad -Brendon C's -Carl -Chris -Christopher -Cody -Connor -Cam -Caleb -Collin -Campbell -Cameron -Colby -Corey D's -Dan -Dave -David -Drew -Daniel -Duncan ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the boy in The Boy In The Striped Pajamas?

Shmuel. He was a Polish Jew sent to Auschwitz. here are the main characters in the movie(top one is the boys name) . Bruno . Elsa (Bruno's Mother) . Ralph (Bruno's Father) . Shmuel (Jewish boy) . Gretel (Bruno's Sister) . Lieutenant Kotler if its the narrator its bruno if its the jewish k ( Full Answer )

What is the names of all the boys in the beach boys?

Brian Wilson (vocals, keyboards, bass) Carl Wilson (vocals, guitar, bass) Dennis Wilson (drums, vocals, keyboards) Mike Love (vocals) Al Jardine (vocals, guitar) Bruce Johnston (vocals, keyboards, bass) Dave Marks (guitar, vocals)

Is the name terry a boys name?

Yes it is a boy's name, but it can also be an abbreviation of Teresa which is a girl's name. So the answer to your question is no, it's both a girl and boy's name! I hope that helps.

How did the African violet get its name?

It was discovered by Baron Walter Von Saint-Paul in 1892 and, upon its introduction in Europe, was baptized Saintpaulia ionantha . The genus Saintpaulia was named after its discoverer and the species name, ionantha , is Greek, meaning "having flowers like the violet's". From that point on, the ( Full Answer )

What came first the color violet or the name Violet?

The colour came first, violet is one of the oldest colours known to man and the history can be traced back over 25,000 years. Variations were produced from grinding manganese and mixing it with water or animal fat. Also blackberries were a common source of dye sometimes mixing with mulberries and c ( Full Answer )

What is the Scientific Name for a Violet Plant?

There are many plants commonly called Violet but the true Violet is Violet odorata the Sweet Violet. Contrablue Adds: Actually, the scientific name the previous answer alludes to is "viola odorata". And a wonderful scent it is, too. Absolutely correct a slip on my part.

Is linday a boys name?

Yes, but it can be a girl's name, too. If you are having orplanning on having a baby, and it's a boy, then I would not suggestthis name. I would suggest the names, Kyle, Adrian, John, Derek,Cody, Dallin, Owen, and Ashdin.

Is Aminta a boy or girl name?

I think it's a girl name becasue there's a A at the end My name is Aminta and im a girl so its a girl name. Also its means protector.

Is joey a girl and boy name?

Joey is more of a boy name, but, it can also be a girl name or nickname. It can be a nickname for joeylnn.

A boys names that starts with an I?

· Ian · Ignacio · Ignatius · Igor · Immanuel · Ira · Irvin · Isaac · Isaiah · Ivan

Is Beilia a boy or girl name?

The name Beilia is more of a girl name. I mean, if your a guy and that's your name then that's okay. Because I know some girls who have the same name as me. But yeah, Beilia sounds more of a girl name. I like that name. It's definitely unique

Names for boys?

· Adam Bradley · Charles · David Dexter · Edward · Frank · George · Henry · Ivan · Jackson · Kenneth · Leonard · Matthew · Norman · Oliver · Patrick · Quincy · Richard · Scott · Thomas · Upton · Vincent · William · Xavier · Yuri ( Full Answer )

The names of the boys in boys like girls?

Martin Johnson (full name: Martin Bennett Johnson) - lead singer, rhythm guitar Paul DiGiovanni (full name: Paul Charles DiGiovanni) - lead guitar Bryan Donahue (full name: Bryan Francis Donahue) - bass guitar John Keefe (full name: John Joseph Keefe) - drums

Can the name Asha be a boys name?

It can be, but it depends on how you say it and how you spell it. In other countries it could be considered a boy name. For example the name "Lauren" in America would be considered a girls name, but in Germany, boys are named "Laurin". Same pronounciation but different spellings.

Is violet a emo name?

You're name is beautiful :] A name cannot be Emo, so it doesn't matter what your name is. Don't let stupid people tell you your name makes you less Emo.

What are the names of the boys in the group the beach boys?

The membership has changed over the years, but the "classic" original band line up was: Brian Wilson Carl Wilson Dennis Wilson Mike Love Al Jardine When Brian stopped touring with the band, he was replaced (briefly) by Glen Campbell and then by Bruce Johnston.

What is the name of daffodils violets and poppies?

Daffodils, violets and poppies all belong to the phylum Angiospermae , also known as Magnoliophyta.Angioserms represent all of the flowering plants. The next stepdown in classification (taxonomy) shows the daffodil to be a moncotand the violets and poppies are dicots, so they can't all begrouped tog ( Full Answer )

What are the boys names in Iconic Boys?

Louis "Da Pitbull" Dipippa Thomas "T-Money" Miceli Nick "Nicholicious" Mara Jason "No Bonez" Smith Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco Madison "Mad Boyz" Alamia Vinny "Just Vinny or Grandman" Castronovo Be. ICONic. :)

Is the name adrienne a boy name?

Adrienne is not a boy or a girl name its what you call a unisex name. Although it is mostly know as a girl Name

What are the names of the boys in Iconic boys with last names?

Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco Nick "Nicolicious" Mara Louis "Da Pitbull" Dipippa Thomas "T-money" Miceli Madison "Mad Boyz" Alamia Jason "No Bonez" Smith Iconic Boyz who stayed home Tristan Rubiano John O'Onofrio Joey Fernandes Jared Madridejos Christopher Corradino Nicholas Rubiano Julian DeGuzm ( Full Answer )

What does the name violet mean in china?

It means exactly the same it would mean to us, except it is in their language. It means: Violet: A purple flower from Italian names now an English name. This is actually an English name. Now, just translate it to Chinese. Hope this helped!

Is the name oreo a boy name?

Yes it can be if the parents choose it. Oreo is also known as a cookie that you dunk in milk.

Is the name Mandy a boys name?

You can name your baby whatever you want. However Mandy is short for Amanda thus making it a girls name. To avoid ridicule for your/somebodyelses child I would suggest not naming him Mandy.