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No, you need some sex ed. Certainly not. Sperm dies almost as soon as it comes into contact with air. There's very little chance. It's like wondering if there's a spider in your bed at this moment. I mean, there could be, but you can't tell for sure. Anyway you can get pregnant.

2006-07-31 23:05:55
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Can water from a shower move sperm on your stomach and carry it to the vagina and impregnate you?

No. The water would kill the sperm before it got anywhere near to impregnating you.

When pregnant is your vagina tighter or more swollen?

yes, the more weight you carry the smaller the vaginal vault. skinny girls have larger vaults.

Can females have bowel movement through their vaginal?

Absolutely not! The vagina "plumbing" is completely separate from the intestinal "plumbing". That would be like asking if a woman can carry a fetus in her stomach instead of in her uterus.

What if you touched your girlfriends vagina and she liked it?

Carry on doing it!!

Do male seahorses get pregnant?

No. Male seahorses do not get pregnant. The female lays the eggs inside a pouch on the male's stomach and the males carry them until it's time for them to hatch.The young then swim out, and the male does not allow them to reenter the pouch.

Where can you buy a baby shower umbrella?

Party shops generally carry baby shower umbrellas or, some rental shops.

Is it safe to carry a pregnant dog?

Its it fine BUT you have to be really careful so it isn't the best idea to carry a pregnant dog.

Is carry Underwood pregnant?

No, but she is married

Can a woman carry a dead baby in her stomach get pregnant?

No. The uterus is closed when pregnant and it takes some time until you start ovulating again and before that will happen a infection would have started due to the fetus decomposing. If you suspect a miscarriage see a doctor.

Can a person carry chickenpox to a pregnant woman?

Yes, a person who is infected with chickenpox can carry the infection to someone else, including a pregnant woman.

Do flaming hot cheetos make your vagina smell?

Only on Saturdays

Why cant boys get pregnant?

Because they don't have eggs to make a baby, and they don't have a uterus to carry the baby, and they don't have a vagina to deliver the baby. They only help us make the babes they can't physically have the baby them selfs

Which organs and structures carry out digestion?

I think the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine carry out digestion.

Is Mariah carry rely pregnant?

Yea In the news I saw in she is 4 months pregnant.

Why do mothers get pregnant and dads do not?

Because men don't have the organs to get pregnant or carry babies.

What are the uses of a portable shower device?

Some of the uses of a Portable Shower Device are that you can carry it with you when you are camping and you will be able to hook it us with using the instructions and have a shower in a flash. A Portable Shower device also helps in a regular bath with people that have mobility issues.

How do bees carry nectar?

In a special stomach just for that purpose.

Where do do male seahorses carry their young?

In a pouch in front of them, on their stomach.

Can you lay on your stomach while you are pregnant?

I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and this is the only way I can sleep! I'm going to carry on as long as I can and then when I get too big lay on my side with a pillow under my belly and side. You can't lay on your back due to your baby lying on an artery

How much can you carry at 4 weeks pregnant?

A lot

Can A dog carry a stomach virus?

Yes, a dog can. A dog can carry almost any illness or sickness a human can carry. I have found several cases were one of my patients was carrying a stomach virus. -Doctor F. Hilton, St. Anthony Veterinary Hospital

What are the structures of the female reproductive system and their functions?

The uterus is the pear-shaped organ that protects the baby while it is growing. The lining of it sheds once a month when a woman is not pregnant. The cervix is a flap of tissue between the vagina and the uterus that closes when a woman is pregnant. The vagina is the entrance to the uterus. The fallopian tubes carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. If it is fertilized, then the egg will attach itself to the lining of the uterus. If not, it will be expelled from the body through the vagina. The ovaries are the egg-shaped storehouses for the ovum(eggs). A baby girl is born with all the eggs she will use for her entire life, which is about 800,000.

What does an esophagus carry?

The esophagus carries boluses of food from the mouth to the stomach.

What part of a bees body part use to carry nector?

its stomach

Does this stomach use two kinds of tissue to carry out digestion?