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A mixture of salt and sugar can be separated by using an organic solvent to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, it can be separated by filtering the salt from the liquid sugar.

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The solution of salt is not as the solution of sugar

It's not going to be super easy. Column chromatography could separate the salt and sugar, followed by distillation/evaporation to separate the water and salt.

Evaporate the water, suger and salt will be left behind.

You cant separate them, because if you try to add water they will both dissolve and if you try to evaporate the water you will be left with both the salt and sugar again.

I don't think you can if sugar or salt has already dissolved.But if there are too much sugar or salt, it will crystallize and you can use filter paper to separate them.

because both are soluble which means that they desolve in water. like sugar in water becomes sugar water. but sugar and salt inwater becomes sugar salt water. you cant separate them

Put the mixture in alcohol and only the sugar will dissolve, then you can take the salt out, and when the water evaporates, the sugar will be left.

it is higly improbably to separate salt and sugar and keep them both however sugar dissovles in water unlike salt so add water and you will end up with just salt

No because sugar is organic and will dissolve in organic solvents such as achol salt will not.

You can separate dry salt and sugar by adding alcohol.

You can separate salt from sugar by using organic solvents. What this will do is dissolve the sugar and leave the salt, which can then be filtered.

Pour the mixture in alcohol. The sugar will dissolve and the salt can be separated, and then, pour water on the alcohol/sugar solution. Wait for the water/alcohol to evaporate, then the sugar will be left.

Put them in water. Sugar dissolves, sand remains Filter the solution to separate sand and salt. Evaporate solution with dissolved salt to get salt back

yes, because when you add salt and sugar to water and wait for the sugar to disolve, when the water evaporates the sugar goes into the air in the water while the salt stays behind in the pan or w.e

It will be difficult to separate them in something that they both dissolve into (like water or ethanol). You can try changing the temperature and the sugar may precipitate out, depending on the sugar. To get a complete separation I would evaporated the water first and just separate the salt and sugar. Then you can separate the solids by dissolving the sugar into a polar solvent like toluene. NaCl will not dissolve in toluene but all of the sugar should.

Put the mixture in alcohol. The sugar will dissolve, but the salt won't. Then, you can separate them.

Sugar will not dissolve. If you have a solution of sugar and salt, and you were to evaporate the water, both sugar and salt would be left. In order to remove either the sugar or the salt, you would have to use a chemical reaction that would cause either the salt or the sugar to undergo a chemical change.

You can separate sugar from water by evaporation of the water.

Sugar is a covalent compound and doesn't separate into ionic constituents in water. Salt is an ionic compound and the constituent ions in the solid are held in place by electrostatic attraction. In water, the ions of the salt dissociate and disperse into the sugar/water matrix. These dissociated ions then support electric current.

If both are dissolved in water completely then none of them can be separated, but if they are not completely dissolved then sugar can easily separated than salt. Filtration would not effect a separation of sugar and salt from a solution of both.

A mixture of salt and sugar can be separated by using an organic solvent to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, it can be separated by filtering the salt from the liquid sugar,then recrystallise both solutions to from back their original crystals.

Yes, but it will take a different solvent than water or a chemical reaction that causes either the sugar or salt to undergo a chemical change.

To separate the sugar and water you have to boil the water slowly to leave the sugar.

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