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laser printer corona wire

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Q: Can we connect PCs with mainframes in a LAN?
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How can connect PCs using USB Connector Not LAN card?

You can have a USB Serial (COM) port and you can connect PCs together using Serial (COM) port.

How do I connect a network switch to a wireless home network I want to connect more than the 4 wired PCs that are I am limited to on my wireless router and the PCs are in other parts of the house.?

Just connect your network switch in one of four wireless lan ports. But if you are ready to spend more money you can buy wireless cards for all your PCs in that way you are not trapped with cables.

What does lan mean in computer tearms?

LAN means Local Area Network which is used to connect a lot of PC together connected pcs can share files,live video chat,use net,play games etc.

Where can you go to test out gaming PCs?

LAN parties

What does Ethernet cable do?

allows a single computer to connect to a LAN allows a single computer to connect to a LAN

You have two pcs. Do you need a network cable to cable to connect the tow pcs?

If you don't have at least two wireless adapters for your pcs, yes you have to have a network cable in order to connect two pcs.

What is a list of the components including cables required to connect PCs?

cross cable, two LAN card one for each, ip address of same class, rj 45 connector,

What hardware devices do LANS use?

Network cards are used to connect a personal computer to a LAN. A computer with a network card can be a network participant.Hubs are used to connect participants (PCs and other LAN devices).Bridges are used to connect parts of LAN with each other. Possibly because they operate on a different medium (copper wire, glass fibre).Routers are used to connect networks with each other (LANs with other LANs; LANs with the internet, etc.)Switches are a mix between Hub and Bridge.

Why cant you connect to your friends lan world in minecraft?

First thing to check - are you actually connected to their LAN? It's not much use triyng to connect to a LAN game if you aren't.

Sorry we don't have anything that will connect 3 pcs to 3 devices.?

Sorry we don't have anything that will connect 3 pcs to 3 devices.

Which network devices can be found in LAN but not with WAN?

An LAN card is a must if you wish to connect to a LAN but it is not required for WAN

Lans can be connected bydevices called?

LAN can be connected by routers . A router can be used to connect to LAN's .a LAN to a WAN and LAN to Internet.