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Depends. Why aren't you having periods?

A period is not necessary for pregnancy. Some women are "constantly" pregnant; that is they get pregnant after each birth before they have a period.

(Each period is the result of not getting pregnant.)

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2008-08-05 21:20:42
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Q: Can we get pregnant when not having periods?
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Do long periods mean your pregnant?

No. If you are having periods, you are not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant when you have and IUD and having periods and is the IUD causing me to have my period?

You can't get pregnant. The IUD does cause you to have periods.

Can a 9 year old get pregnant?

Yes, if she is having periods then she can get pregnant. Only can she get pregnant by having sexual activity with someone.

What is the limiting age for being pregnant?

As long as you're having periods you can get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant after having a tubal ligation and still have periods?

Yes, my sister got pregnant after she lost a baby do to a tubal ligation and she did have periods.

What if you are 17 years old can you still get pregnant?

Yes, if you have your periods. A female can become pregnant as soon as she starts having her periods and is having intercourse. The youngest female to become pregnant was only five years old.

Could I be pregnant at age 47?

As long as you are having periods (even sporadic periods) you can get pregnant. Even though women are into menopause they can go several months to a year before having another period and still get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant when you aren't having a period haven't had one since March 2007 over a year ago but want to start trying?

If aren't having any periods you probably can't get pregnant. If you're having irregular periods you can get pregnant, but the chance is lower.

Can a 48 year old still get pregnant?

no they can if there still having periods

Can you get a little girl pregnant?

If she has started having periods and have sex then yes.

How can i sure that I'm pregnant?

If you stop having your periods is the #1 given

I'm pregnant and still having periods is that possible?

It is uncommon, but possible.

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