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can we use guys for when stand 2 girls

like hi guys


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99% if guys could not possibly care less if girls use moisturizer or not.

Guys use love to get sex and Girls use sex to get love!

Girls; guys almost never use tanning agents. you pervert. Girls prefer guys who actually know how to use grammar.

Not really then it makes you look really weird for guys to be buying girls stuff and for girls to be buying alot of guys stuff at a birthday party supplies stuff.

for guys like me we can use anything but for girls you have to use a toilet. ~Jason

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Some are guys, some are girls.

Well some guys would say guys are, and some girls would say girls are.

for girls because guys like the big cars or really for family use

Guys have sexual cravings more then girls do. ~*~can i touch you?~*~ NO, guys and girls have the same cravings, only guys are more open about them and arent afraid to tell you.

ITs a fact that guys talk more about girls than girls do about guys because girls tend to talk a lot about social issues where as guys would talk about girls in that time.

the guys want the girls to notice them

Girls make up guys so they can fit in with the 'popular' girls or to make other guys jellous.

If you prefer girls and guys. If you are attracted to both girls and guys. If you want to date both girls and guys. Then you are bisexual.

Guys love it when you do absolutely anything to them, especially if the you're naked

What the..? Better don't use google translate.

Guys touch girls for different reasons. Sometimes guys touch girls to pick on them. They also touch girls to get their attention, to flirt, or just because.

Cuz guys can be stupid. Not girls. Guys can cheat in girls. Which makes them stupid

Guys and girls are both NOT simple trust me!

Alpine skiing is for both guys and girls.

no guys are ruffer and dumber then girls and more ignorant

Some girls are awesome, and like guys for who they are, some girls like guys cause they're hot, and some jerky girls like guys for their money and their cars.

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