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The weight would create Drag. Drag would slow the dragster down. In races it could be good in away. It could slam into other drivers. The dragster would also be strong and resistant.

By: Donny Heitler

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Q: Can weight effect the speed of a race car?
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How does the weight of a car affect the speed?

The weight of a car affects its speed by influencing its acceleration and braking performance. A heavier car may have slower acceleration due to its increased inertia, but it may have better traction and stability at higher speeds. However, excessive weight can also result in decreased fuel efficiency and overall performance.

What effect does a change in media have on the speed of a wave with constant frequency?

You turn into race car.........its freaking awesome i triedit once

What is the effect of the weight on speed?

A car with a higher weight will have more friction between the tires and the road compared to a lighter car. So, for the same horsepower engine, the lighter car will go faster, because there is less force retarding the speed of the vehicle.

Would a race car driver want a heavier or lighter car to race in?

You would want as little weight as possible on a race car, so that a smaller force can propel it to a higher speed than with a heavier vehicle. However, in most championships there are restrictions which don't allow you to go below a certain minimum weight. It is currently about 600kg in Formula 1. Sometimes, to make the car stable, extra weight may need to be added, but the design of a race car proves to (usually) be stable enough.

Why speed are so important in race car tracks?

To win the race.

How do race car drivers use math?

They calculate the aerodynamic of their car might include (density of weight) and the speed of which they can traveling at to estimate the control and speed the car can go.

What is the effect of weight on the speed a car will travel controlled variables?

It will go slower up hill and faster down hill.

What is average race speed Indy car?


How does the weight of a car affect its speed?

The more weight the car has the slower it goes.

Does the mass of the car effect the speed?

A cars weight affects its speed by varying its momentum. If the car has more weight, it has more momentum. With more momentum comes more inertia.(definition: inertia- an objects resistance to change in direction or movement) If the car has a lot of weight, it will speed up slower and stop slower because the cars inertia and momentum keep propelling it forward. If a car has less weight, it will speed up faster and stop faster because the momentum of the car is less than that of the heavier car. A: It is called the power to weight ratio.

What are the similarities between a go-kart and a race car?

A go-kart and a race car both go at the same speed.

How many driving experience days do I need to become a speed race driver?

I dont think your driving experience days qualify you to become a speed race car driver. First you would have to get special training in race car driving in order to become a professional race car driver.