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Yes it can.

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Q: Can what you eat affect your mental and physical health?
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What to do for the development of mental and physical health?

You need to eat healthy, exercise more often for the development of the physical and mental health.

How can what you eat affect your mental health?

Yes, if you eat lead or perhaps Lysergic acid diethylamide. it will affect you mentally.

What is general fitness?

General fitness is all to do with your mental and physical health. It can be from what sports you participate in to which foods you eat.

How does bulimia affect your physical health?

it will make you want to eat penut buter when playing

How does a mental health person act?

the eat cows

Can nutrition and diet effect an individual's mental health?

Chemistry effects mental health. Diet & nutrition are chemicals. Eat healthy foods and improve your brain chemistry. That will enhance the ability of your brain to improve your mental health.

Health habits to make your body strong and healthy?

eat protein foods to make your body systems. exercise and lots of masturbation for general mental and physical well-being

How does paper affect your health when you eat it?

negatively, if measurable.

What are Simple Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Health?

Aging is inevitable. Senior can enjoy every stage of their life. There are some important factors by which you can boost your physical, mental and social health as you age. Stay Active Eat a Healthy Diet Get Recommended Health Screenings Stay positive

In what way you can help develop good mental health?

You can help to develop good mental health in many ways. The most important ways are to be active, eat right, and meditate.

Can candy affect your health?

Candy can affect your health if you eat too much as your blood pressure rises and you could get diabetes .

How does the physical society affect the way this society developed?

Ask yourself, how does your physical society affect the way you eat cheeze.