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Yes you can get pregnant from having sex on the 12th day. You should understand that the ovum if it were to become available for fertilization on the 14th day Which is half way through a 28day cycle. you have to allow for the fact that sperm ejaculated int your reproductive system can survive for 4 days. In effect that means that if you have unprotected sex 10 days after the first day of your menstrual bleeding you might get pregnant, if yo do it also on days 11 12 13and 14 you can end up with a huge amount of sperm in there waiting for the opportunity to fertilize your ovum ad tothat the life span of the ovum (2 days) and you are likely to also be able to get pregnant on days 15 and 16.

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Q: Can you've get pregnant 12 day after yr period or dus it av to be on the 14 day?
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