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Q: Can you Play knight rider on Windows Vista?
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Who did David Hasselhoff play on Knight Rider?

Michael Knight

Can you play knight rider the vodieo gameg?


Can you play TrackMania on Windows Vista?


Can you play SimCity on Windows Vista?


Will simgolf work on Windows Vista?

I can play SimGold on Windows Vista perfectly fine, i don't see why it would not.

Do you need windows vista to play left 4 dead?

No, it's compatible with Windows XP, or Vista/Vista64.

Can you play sim city 4 on windows vista?


Can you play video games on Windows Vista?


Can Windows Vista Basic play GTA IV?


Windows vista how can you play diablo 2?

Windows Vista can play Diablo 2 with no problems at all. Just install it normally and double click it and play, no harder than that.

Can windows live games play on Windows Vista?

Yes they should be able to.

Will software for windows work on vista?

i have a CD with software for digital maps made for windows 98 is there any way i can play it with vista

Can you play Age of Empires 2 on Windows Vista?

Yup, but it tends to crash more on Vista.

Can you play elder scroll 5 on vista?

Yes, it is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Can you play garageband on Windows Vista?

i just want to play garage band

New laptop that came with windows vista and you cant play sims you need direct x 9 can you still download it with vista?

DirectX 9 is included with Windows Vista.

Is there a maple story that works with windows vista version?

Yes, version 0.66 of MapleStory can play on Vista.

Will age of mythology work on vista?

yes, you will. I ve got Windows Vista and I could install it and play it

Can you play sims 3 on windowns 7?

Yes It Works On Windows Vista, Windows XP, And Windows 7

Can you play Halo combat evolved on windows vista?

Yes, that is the recommended windows to play Halo 1; Combat Evolved.

Will games for vista play on a windows 7 laptop?

Yes if you right click on the game file and click troubleshoot compatibility then set it to windows vista

Can Age of Empires 3 be played in Windows Vista?

Yes.Normally you can play it.

How can you play call of duty 2 on Windows Vista?

U cant

What PC can play GTAIV?

Mac-book & Windows Vista (pro) can play GTA IV.

How can you download Angry Birds for Windows Vista?

You cannot download angry birds for Vista, but if you have a XP og a Windows 7 computer, you should be able to play it. I cannot tell why the makers haven't allowed all the vista users to play the game? :)