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actually no ..sorry .you cant unless your her legal guardian..

*additional* chances are no, it depends upon your individual insurance company. my advise is to call your insurance representative and ask

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Can you become eligible for medicaid even though you already have health insurance?


Who qualifies for life insurance with Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Anyone under the age of 65 qualifies for Liberty Mutual life insurance. It covers everything to do with health with few exceptions.....most health issues are covered though.

What are some companies that offer business group health insurance?

There are many companies, who offer many types of health care insurance plans. If you're looking for business group health insurance plans though, start by looking into Blue Cross or Johnstons group.

Does insurance ever pay for plastic surgery?

only if you need it for a medical reason. It doesnt if you just want to look nice though. However, it does depend on your insurance

What are the two main causesf people not having health insurance?

I presume that you are talking of health insurance in the USA - in many countries including most of Europe, health insurance is not necessary because the state provides reasonable health care, though some rich people do have private insurance to be able to have private treatment. Probably the greatest reason for not having health insurance is lack of funds, some people can't afford it.

Will my PIP car insurance cover my medical expenses if I don't have health insurance in California?

Car insurance wont cover health insurance. Car insurance will cover any medical bills related to an automobile accident you are involved in though. If you were in an automobile accident, contact your auto insurance company right away.

What type of policies does AA travel insurance offer?

AA (American Airlines) travel insurance usually offers insurance for flight cancellations, though the insurance can also cover, or include, international health insurance.

In which countries is it required for college students to pay for health insurance?

Many colleges and universities around the United States now require students or their families to pay for health insurance for the student. Not all, though.

Do many insurance companies cover mental health counseling?

Yes some of the insurance companies do in fact cover this. It will be hard for you to prove to them that you have the issue though.

Is Dental care coverage a convenience benefit?

Possibly, since it is usually a separate benefit from health insurance. In many ways, though, your general health is dependent on your dental health.

What do politicians claim to understand though most have never experienced it?

Poverty War Layoffs No Health Insurance

How much does individual dental insurance cost?

I always recommend Agile Health Insurance never did me wrong and its pretty cheap right now

Does Tonic health insurance do business in NY?

Yes, Tonic health insurance does business in New York. I would be sure to check into your other options before I just decide on Tonic though. You want to get the most out of your money.

Can you get group health insurance in you have had a lapse in insurance?

Basically, yes. The insurer may not be required to cover "pre-existing conditions" for some period of time, though the health care reform bill is supposed to make some changes to that.

Which companies sell personal health insurance plans?

It appears that many more companies are getting involved in selling personal health insurance plans. Companies like SunLife and Blue Cross have been around the longest though.

Where can somebody find information on supplemental health insurance plans?

There are many insurance companies that sell supplemental health insurance. Some of these companies include State Farm, Shiip Home, and All State to name a few. Sometimes though, the best place to get information is from friends, family, or neighbours who already have this insurance and can share their knowledge.

Is physical therapy covered by health insurance plans?

Yes, physical therapy is covered by many insurance plans. You need to check your specific policy, though, to make sure that you are covered.

Best available a plan insurance, worthwhile.?

A HMO plan (health maintenance organization) is the most comprehensive type of group health insurance that serves the public.You pay a monthly premium and your HMO health plan cover the cost of the other healthcare expenses though some minor things may not be covered.

Do employers have to offer health insurance to any of their employees?

No they do not have to offer Health Insurance! Depends on the job and if they provide it! Now a days people are being cut from Health plans due to the increase in Insurance prices because of the Economy... Peace! Unless you're in California, then most likely, yes. If the company has 50+ employees then the company is required to provide medical coverage. Doesn't have to be great, though.

Can a company stop paying health insurance premiums causing the insurance to be cancelled without notifying employees although employees are still paying for insurance?

No. I don't have the citation off hand, though. If nothing else you'd probably qualify for HIPAA.

What benefits does Aetna's dental insurance cover?

Dental insurance from Aetna should cover some basics such as yearly cleaning. It might depend state to state though. here is their site:

Is auto insurance primary over heath insurance in a auto accident?

Yes... depending on your state though. Your auto insurance medical payments, or if you have personal injury proctection/no fault that would be primary in the event of you or anyone in your car hurt in an auto accident. Your our health insurance would be excess. In some states you can opt to have health insurance primary and auto excess. You can always check with your auto insurance provider, they can answer the question better b/c they can see your policy.

How long does it get to get health insurance?

How long does it take to get health insurance? It depends. Are you talking about health insurance that is offered through an employer? If so, some employers require their employees to satisfy a waiting period before they are allowed to enroll for benefits. Most employers don't have a waiting period though. Ask your employer's human resources department for information. And, as with any product, read your insurance brochures and don't be afraid to call their customer service department for help or if you have questions.

Can I get govenmental insurance for a handicapped child?

The federal government themselves do not offer any form of health insurance for children. Luckily though many states do offer great insurance programs for handicap children. You can go to your local welfare office to find out more.

Can I get cell phone insurance even though I keep breaking mine?

Cell phone insurance plans do replace your phones but at a discounted cost. It is similar to health insurance, in the way that you have a copay for your phone. You will not have to pay the full price of a new phone, but only a percentage.