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Yes. In the majority of the cases it pertains to siblings. It is preferable that children of the same family remain together. Therefore the court gives special attention to those type of adoptions.

It really depends on whether or not it is determined that you can financially support more than one.

In the case of intercountry adoptions, the government of the child's country makes the rules. For example, China does not allow the adoption of more than one child at a time except in the case of twins - which are rare. Many countries seem to go with the one child at a time policy.

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Q: Can you adopt more than one child at a time?
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Can you adopt more than one foster child at a time?


Can immigrants adopt a us citizen child?

Yes, an immigrant can adopt a US child. However, it is uncommon. Most of the time, US natives adopt an immigrant child.

Is rihanna going to adopt a child because she is scared of childbirth?

I don't think so. Cuz she don't have time to adopt a child. She cares about them but she don't have time for this.

Is it difficult for a single person to adopt a baby?

It is difficult to be approved but it is possible. The difficulty comes in the ability to care for the child. Many times, both parents work but because there are two people caring for the child, they can take turns. However with one person, it is more difficult to make time to care for the child. If you are financially stable and can provide time for the child the ability to adopt will become greater.

Can a father claim a child he pays child support for if the child does not live with him?

If he has the child more than 50% of the time, which need to be documented.

How does your dad adopt you?

Your actual father (biological father or husband of your mother at the time of your birth) does not need to adopt you; you are already his child. What is usually more relevant is "how does your step-father adopt you" or "how does your dad get exclusive custody of you." The answers to these questions differ greatly from state to state and country to country.

Is it better to adopt from a local agency or abroad?

It is better to adopt from local adoption agencies, because it is more time consuming and expensive to adopt internationally. If one adopts internationally one can expect to pay for the cost of a visa and the travel to the other country to get the child along with many other expenses.

Can you adopt or have a kid if you have more than 8 sims on the Sims 2?

I'm afraid you can't have more than eight sims in one household together at a time. I had this family once, when I had sims 2, and I had eight family members and I couldn't get pregnant or adopt any other babies.

Can you adopt and change the child's first name?

Yes. When you adopt, a new birth certificate is issued, and that is the easiest time to change the child's name. (It can be done later, of course, but that involves another set of fees and a trip to the courthouse.)

When you adopt a child who was born in Georgia that now lives in Ohio what happens when their birth mother changes her mind?

If the adoption was finalized, then it will be an uphill battle for the birth mother. The more time which goes by after an adoption, the more trying it is for a child to just switch homes. Time and a finalized adoption must be on your side to win.

Is child abduction a federal crime?

YES! Child abduction serves i believe more time in federal prison than kidnapping.

What is the process and cost for my husband who is American to adopt my son 7 years old who is Bulgarian with unconditional residency status?

Once you and your husband are married, your husband can petition for the child's status at the same time he petitions for the wife. There is no need for a formal adoption for the child to be given unconditional residency status if you have been married for more than 6 months at the time of the application.

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