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No, you can't. You have to wait for the actual green card. I'm in the process of adjustment of status, too.

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2011-03-01 20:47:35
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Q: Can you apply for your social security card with the welcome letter no actual green card?
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Can you use a social security receipt as a social security card at the DMV?

I don't think so, I am pretty sure they want an actual social security card.

What goal of president trumans ''fair deal'' were met?

providing public housing for poorer {you're welcome :}

Can you suggest a website that informs you about social security award letter?

If you need information about social security award letter You can go to this website that informs you about social security award letter.

What is a social security award letter?

The social security award letter is a description of the benefits and rewards that you will receive in the next year. You can get these from your bank.

Are Social Security payments subject to federal taxes?

Depending on your income, up to 85% of your social security payments may be subject to federal income tax. Welcome to America!

Can you obtain a driver's license without a Social Security number in New York?

"You must show your Social Security card. If you are not eligible for a Social Security Number, you must get a letter from the Social Security Administration that indicates that you are not eligible for a Social Security Number. You must show the letter to the DMV." source:

If I was Born in 1963 when can I draw social security?

It's based on your actual Social Security earnings records, and starts at age 67 years old

Do you need a social security number to take a GED test?

No. It says right on a social security card, for social security purposes only. Not for identification. If some one ask for your social security for something else, tell to give your a letter from the Social Security Administration telling you that they require the number for that purpose.

How do you write a social security hardship letter?

ask justin bieber

How do you make a social security number valid?

You don't. The number you're assigned by the Social Security Administration will already be valid. A number you get any other way is invalid and can't be made valid. (Even if the number itself is "valid" in the sense "it's an actual social security number", it's not valid for you unless it's your social security number.)

Is there any number in your social security number that relates to the letter in your last name?


What does the letter D stand for at the end of the Social Security number mean?


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