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it is possible this is to make you grow up with the law in you

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Q: Can you attend law school at the age of 15?
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What School Did Elijah McCoy attend?

it is unknown but we do know from age 3 till age 15 he lived in detroit and did attend some school in that time period.

Is school in Greece mandatory?

In Greece, school is mandatory up to age 15. Once a child reaches age 15, they can stop or they can opt to attend up to age 18.

What age martin Luther king Jr attend high school?

he was 15

What was the age for compulsory school attendance in England in the 1940's?

Children had to attend school from the age of 5. The school leaving age was 14 until April 1947 when it was raised to 15.

How old must you be to attend a lybian school?

Well, to attend grades k-12, you must be 6-15 years of age. Where ever you can find a pre-school in Lybia, you must be 4 years of age.

At what age can a minor work and receive pay?

In the State of Michigan a student can work at the age of 15 with a work permit from the school they attend.

The law requires children in Australia to go to school between what ages?

Under new legislation you Must attend school from about 5y.o. til you turn 15. But the only way you can leave at 15 is if you leave and go strait into a trade (for example a builder). If you don't leave and go to a trade the leaving age is 17y.o.

At what age can you drop out of high school in Arizona?

According to Arizona law, any student over the age of 16 can legally drop out of high school. This law is listed under the classification of ARS 15-803.

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Don't know what schools he attended but I have read several articles claiming he quit High School, married Francis at age 15, Jimmy was 17.

Did Martin Luther King Jr. finish college at age 15?

No, he started college at 15. He left high school in his junior year to attend Morehouse College (Atlanta), where he graduated with a BA in sociology in 1948, at age 19.

How many years did Henry Ford go to school for?

Henry Ford attended school until the age of 16, when he left to work on the family farm. He did not attend college.

What percent of polish people are educated?

12 years 13 if you count grade 0 Usually children go to school at the age 6 or 7. For the first six years they attend Primary School, for the next three they attend Gimnasium, ad for the last three they attend High School. After that most of them is going to the Universities.