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Law School is a post-graduate academic program that prepares students for the practice of law.

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What is the cache statement of values?

The CACHE Statement of values given to each CACHE student on entering placement to ensure they meet are the requirements needed to past the CACHE criteria.

The CACHE candidate will:

  • Put the child first by:

- ensuring the child's welfare and safety

- showing compassion and sensitivity

- respecting the child as an individual

- upholding the child's rights and dignity

- enabling the child to achieve their full potential.

  • Never use physical punishment.
  • Respect the parent, or those in a parenting role, as the primary carer and educator of the child.
  • Respect the contribution and expertise of staff in the child care and education field and other professionals with whom they may be involved.
  • Respect the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of the child and their family.
  • Uphold CACHE's Diversity Statement.
  • Honour the confidentiality of information relating to the child and their family, unless its disclosure is required by law or is in the best interest of the child.
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Is there coaching center for clat in pune?

There are good coaching centres in Pune for CLAT preparation. Do some research to find the best ones and explore the ways in which one can start preparing for CLAT. Along with text books and test papers, LST also provides online mentoring and a lot of mock tests all throughout the course session.

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How does copyright law affect school projects?

in the UK it doesn't count

Under US copyright law there is an exemption for "performance or display" of many types of copyrighted works in a non-profit classroom, whether by students or teachers, in addition to the "fair use" defense for other academic purposes. 17 USC §§ 110, 107.

In theory, a public school in the USA cannot be sued for damages in federal court, under the Eleventh Amendment of the US Constitution, as it is an "agency of the state".

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What is the meaning of mutual friends?

Mutual friends are people through whom you connect to other friends.

For example, you are friend with Adam, and Adam is friend with Brian. You can connect to Brian through Adam; therefore, Adam is your mutual friend.

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What does LTD stand for in law firms?

The abbreviation 'Ltd' stands for 'limited'. This signifies that a firm has limited liability; that is, the owners (shareholders) are not personally liable for any more than their investment should the firm fail.

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What should you do when you can't sleep math question?

move closer to the edge of the bed so you can drop off

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Are judges and magistrates legal practitioners?

They were, but once they become a judge they are not allowed to practice law since it would be a conflict of interest.

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What are 3 golden rules for advocacy?

• Know your issue

• Establish your objective(s)

• Conduct a stakeholder analysis

• Develop a strategy

• Plan the activities

• Identify and mobilise the required resources

• Monitor and evaluate the campaign's progress

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Is llb full form legal law of beaucracy?


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Can you get into Law School with a Bachelor in Business?

certainly. Business or coporate law is a discipline in law too. If the law school accepts you, you should be OK.

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What is the Name for a First year law students?

One L

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Do you need to take any basics in college before going into law school?

There are no prerequisite courses for law school. What you do need is excellent grades.

Writing, Critical thinking, and history would help.

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What was Chief Justice John Roberts' LSAT score?

That information is not released to the public.

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When do the 2009 us news and world report law school rankings come out?

usually they are leaked in early March on legal blogs. The official release date is March 28. They will be posted on their website on that day.

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Can a law degree holder become an auditor?

Anyone can be an auditor as long as the person they are auditing for accepts their work.

By no means are all audits accounting or financially related. A pension plan for example, (or any business), frequently needs to have an auditor confirm that they are operating in accordance with the governing Laws as well as within the rules of their own guidelines and Charter for operations, allowing participants and providing benefits, adhering to contracts, etc.

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How long does it take to get LSAT scores after taking the test?

It takes about three weeks. For example, scores for the LSAT administered on June 7, 2010 were released on June 28, 2010.

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What is grievous arm?

I think you meant to write "grievous harm." Grievous bodily harm is a term of art in English criminal law, which makes it a crime punishable by jail to inflict "grievous bodily harm" on another person. Such harm usually means an injury that breaks the skin, breaks a bone or damages internal organs.

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What is the Ada height requirement for soap dispensers or hand sanitizers?

ADA Soap Dispensers compliance 4.27.4 Soap dispenser push button valve and pistons shall be operable with one hand and require no tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. Activation of soap valves shall require no more than five (5) pounds of force (22.2N) when full. Wall mounted units shall be located where their push buttons are 44" (1120mm) maximum, above finish floor. Recommend spout and piston in basin mounted units to rotate 360 degrees.

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What high school classes needed to enter law school?

Law schools don't care about your high school record so as long as you have gone to a good college and performed well as an undergraduate. High school classes are only valuable insofar as they may help prepare you to do well in your undergraduate studies. The same applies with admission testing - the SAT has no effect with only one exception. If you have a history of under-performing on standardized tests (for instance 1000 SAT score but a 3.9 GPA from Johns Hopkins in a tough major), then this will be considered good evidence that you do not test well. As such, law schools may place slightly less emphasis on a low LSAT score.

Basically, focus on college for now and worry less about law school. In the long run, no one will care about your high school record (again so as long as you attend a good college).

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The critical legal studies school of jurisprudence believes that?

Subjective decision making by judges based on general notions of fairness is appropriate

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Is sociology a good major before law school?

No major is any better or worse than any other when it comes to being admitted to law school. There are no prerequisites. There are only two essentials: excellent grades and a high LSAT score.

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What law schools accept an LSAT of 145 and 3.69 GPA?

An LSAT score of 145 basically knocks you out of the first three tiers of law schools. So you would be looking at fourth tier, local law schools.

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What is the full form of LL.B.?

LL.B. is the abbreviation for the Bachelor of Laws degree (Legum Baccalaureus in Latin). The "LL" part of the abbreviation stands for "Laws" in the plural.

(It does not stand for bachelor of legal letters, as some people in the USA seem to think.)


LL.B / LLB = LEGUM BACCALAUREUS (Legum is plural for Lex); = Bachelor of Laws, the tertiary level law degree.

Unless you're referring to another LLB.
LL.B / LLB = LEGUM BACCALAUREUS (Legum is plural for Lex); = Bachelor of Laws, the tertiary level law degree.

Unless you're referring to another LLB.

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How hard is law school?

Depends on the school you go to. Most law school suggest you don't have a job while enrolled because of the work load.

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What GCSE results I need to get into law school?

That's not a proper question for starters, it's:

"What GCSE results will I need to get into law school?"

Well, if you want to get into a top university, like Nottingham or Oxford and easily go on and get a job they'll be looking for mostly As/A*s as there's LOTS of competition out there.

If you want to go to a more middle-class university, like Nottingham Trent then they'll only be looking for 5 passes which isn't much really but your job prospects won't be as good.

If I were you I'd spread out my time evenly among all subjects and aim for As, then in the subjects you are more naturally competent at you'll get A*s.

To be a lawyer you ideally need to be a natural at English and History and a general all-rounder.

Best of luck! :D

(I'm also taking my GCSEs and want to be a solicitor!)


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