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Q: What are the four sunni schools of law?
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What are the five schools of sharia law?

In Sunni Islam there are four schools of Sharia Law, and one school in Shiite Islam. The Sunni schools are:The Maliki (Medina)Hanafi (progressive, majority of muslims)Shafii (important in legal theory)Hanbali (conservative).The Shiite school of Sharia is the Jafari.

What are the different kinds of Sunnis?

There are four main schools of Sunni Islam: Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Shafi'i.

What is Hanafi law in Islam?

Hanafi is one of the four major schools of jurisprudence in Sunni Islam. The differences between the four schools are minor and can be compared in degree to the differences between Episcopalians and Anglicans. As a result the elements that make Hanafi jurisprudence unique are complex. Please read more at the Wikipedia Link below in the Related Links.

A shaifai follower can perform salah if the imam is hanafii?

Answer: Yes - of course. The four schools of thought in "Sunni" Islam are all part of the same Islam. No problem.

What is the age of consent in sharia law?

According to the mainstream Shia and Sunni schools of thought it is generally held to be puberty. This is because in Islam, someone who has reached puberty is an adult.

What is the difference between Sunni Muslims and Barelvis?

Bravelis are also Sunni Muslims. Brely and Deoband are two Islamic Institutions and two schools of thought representing Sunni Muslims.

How many imams of Islam?

In Sunni Islam there are four Imams, for four schools of thought. Imam Abu Hanifa, imam shafi, imam malik and imam hanble. Follow any one of these imams and you will not be led astray.

What dominations are associated with Islam?

It is unclear what is meant by "dominations". If the question intends to ask about "denominations", Islam does not use that term. It has sects (Sunni, Shiite, Ibadi, Kharijite, Ahmadi, etc.) and within those sects, it has schools. For example, the four main Sunni schools are: Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Shafi'i and the four main Shiite schools are: Ja'afari, Zaydi, Ismaili, and Elevener. If the question intends to ask about "dominions", Islam extends from the Middle East, over North Africa, includes much of West Africa and significant portions of East Africa and the Horn of Africa, portions of the Indian Subcontinent, and Indonesia.

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