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Can you audition for Harry Potter without having a British accent?

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JK Rowling specified that she wanted the casting to be authentic to the UK which is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You have to have one of these accents to get a role in the film.

Rowling has made an exception for those who live in Ireland (the independent country) with many Irish actors getting roles in the films. I don't know why she made that one exception for Irish people to star in the movies. It's probably because there are many respected Irish actors working in the UK.

Rowling also allowed for French or European actors to appear in the films as she introduces French and Bulgarian characters in her book.

2012-01-11 03:58:29
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If you have a British Passport and can speak and a proper British accent but live in the USA can you audition for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

There is no such thing as a 'British' accent. The accent commonly heard in Harry Potter is the ENGLISH accent. I can see no reason why anyone would stop you from auditioning for a part.

How do you audition for a part in Harry Potter if you live in Canada but you have a British accent?

if you ARE british and have a british accent then go ahead but if you are Canadian and can put on a british accent then tough look - british people only and im british so i can audition!!! sorry to everyone whos not but there will be other auditions for other parts in different movies maybe you can be an extra though find out!!!

What if you move to Britain or Ireland from the US and you want to audition for Harry Potter?

Then chances are you won't make it, unless you live there for a long time and have a strong British accent.

Can you audition for Romilda Vane if you have spanish decent but you have british accent?

No Not At All Sorry

Can American actors audition for The Chronicles of Narnia?

If they can talk with a GOOD British accent.

What kind of accent does Harry Potter have?

English or British.

Can a Canadian with acting experience and the ability to put on a British accent audition for the part of lavender brown in the sixth or seventh Harry Potter movie?

They are hiring experienced actors that they have already encounters with.

How do you say Harry Potter in british accent?

Horry Potta

Could you be part Irish and from America but with a southern Americanirish accent to audition for Harry Potter?

No, I'm afraid not, JK specifically wants only British actors, unless others from different countries are needed.

Can i audition for romilda vane even though i have no british accent?

probably not because JK Rowling only wants british actors

Can you not be British but fake an accent to be in Harry Potter or do you have to be British?

i doubt it. i dont think the director would do that to people but i think that there is not really any time to audition anymore considering that we r up to the 6th movie. then its just part 1 and 2 and its over so... its pretty hopeless. you dont need the accent i dont think.

What accent does Harry Potter have?

Harry Potter has a Brittish accent.

Does Tom Felton really speak in British?

yes can see his accent in the HARRY POTTER series clearly...

Can an American actress with a good British accent audition for Rose Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yes,if you try you're best.If you put your mind to something,sure. Yes,if you try you're best.If you put your mind to something,sure.

How can you audition to be in Nanny Mcphee?

I really don't know, but you need acting experience and a good agent. I really want to audition too! I can perfect the British accent. And you can audition as long as you know how to preform in a British accent if you are American. I do know how to for a long time. I read a Nanny Mcphee 2 book in British for some kids in my local library, for I volenteer there. Hope you like my answer, and I hope it was useful. Also, it's my dream to meet Emma Thompson and be a part of the film, as it could be for anyone who watches it.

Does Robert Patinson have a British accent?

Being British he has a British accent.

What would life be like without pilgrims?

We would be speaking in British accent.

Is it not rude to not let people non-British people audition for Harry Potter just because they do not have a British accent?

No it isn't rude. Hogwarts is in Scotland which in the the UK. Hogwarts isn't the only wizarding school out there, each country will have their own which means pupils from other countries won't travel to the UK just to go to school. So it isn't about the accent. J.K Rowling only wanted a British cast because of this. That isn't rude it's common sense.

Did Benedict Arnold have a British accent?

yes, he has a british accent.

Can you audition for Harry Potter movies if you are Irish?

Requirements for Harry Potter ActorsYou have to be British or Irish to try out. Anyone with a speaking part is going to have to speak with a British accent, other countries have their own wizard schools so the students at Hogwarts would be British, and they are not going to bring extras from another country when there are thousands of kids here at theater schools. In an interview, Rowling explained how it wouldn't be very practical to put an American actor or other foreign actor when the character is British.Even if she did allow it. It costs a lot of money to fly actors in and keep them living here. It would be cheaper for them to use British actors anyway.So yes, Irish people can audition.

Did Sherlock Holmes have an accent?

Of course he has an accent. Everyone has an accent. To Americans, he has a British accent. To British people, he speaks normally.

Do nuns speak with a British accent?

If the nun is British, she probably will have a British accent. If she's German, she'll probably have a German accent.

Does harry styles have a british accent?

Yes Harry has a British accent

Is Harry Styles speak American?

Harry Styles speaks British which in the end is the same as American but without the british accent.

How do you become Harry Potter?

All you need is a wand, lunette glasses, some make-up for the scar, and an excellent British accent.