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to get an aim account you have to be 13 for safety reasons but i have noticed many people have lied about their age (unlike me or my friends because you should not lie about your age) i think it is illegal to lie about your age so i do not recommend it

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โˆ™ 2010-04-02 01:27:08
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Q: Can you be 10 to get an aim account?
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What is Rihanna's aim account?

Rihanna does not have an aim account.

Do you need to have and AOL or KOL account to have an aim account?

Nope. You can create an AIM account, or you can use a account.

What is an aim account?

An aim account is where you IM AKA instant message with your friends online.

What is Kylie Jenner's AIM account?

A public AIM account for Kylie Jenner is not known at this time.

What is an aim name?

An Aim Name Is A Name That Names Your Aim User is were you get an aim at!!!yahoooo lol

How do you change you AIM password with out having the real AIM?

It is possible to change your AIM password without having the AIM chat installed on your computer. First, you have to log into your AIM account. Then, near the top right of the page, click "My Account". On the next page, on the left, click on "Manage my Account".

Does Jojo have an aim account?

yes she gots an aim its called jojoforreal

What is Ryan higa's aim account?

His account on youtube is: nigahiga.

Does Zac Efron have an Aim account?


How do you close an aim account - i know how to delete AOL aim from my computer but the account still can be accessed through other portals?

find aim on the left corner then press it then press sign out. You can contact AIM about it at the Related Link.

How to get and set up an AIM account?

In order to setup an AIM account one has to first visit the official AIM website. The next step is to locate and press the 'Sign up'-Link on the website. After entering one's personal information and verify the account, the account is ready to use.

How do you delete AOL aim mail account?

i want 2 delete my id on aim

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