Can you be a member of Special Forces with a metal plate in jaw?

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Im not sure if the military would even take you if so. i knew a guy that was denide entry because of a screw in his elbow. talk to recruiter first.
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How can you make a family member understand that the treatment an abuser needs to be forced into is a specialized abuser program rather than traditional anger management?

Answer . \nYour family member is not far off the mark at all. Abuse is about deep rooted anger. The abuser is actually frustrated and feels that no matter how hard they work or try society is at fault (or others) for their failures. If this person gets anger management treatment it will certai ( Full Answer )

What in detail can metal plating be used for?

The best thing metal plating can be used for is preventing corrosion because if you choose a suitable metal, then hardly any water or air gets in and it is extremely effective.

Ships with metal plates on their sides?

You're probably asking about the ironclads. . The ships with metal plates on their side were introduced in the20th century. They can take on heavier payloads and that makes thefit for merchant and warfare purposes. In warfare, they are harderto sink than the predecessors which had wooden hulls.

Can you fly with metal plate in head?

\n. \nYes. I have a metal plate in my head and have never had an issue with getting through security or flying around the world. I live a normal life.\nThe only thing is to never have an MRI. The magnet could kill you. Doctors are mixed as to if this is really an issue but best not to ever chance i ( Full Answer )

How do you plate metal?

The key to plating metal is electrochemistry. Plating is electrodeposition . Connect the negative lead of a DC supply to the part to be plated, and connect the positive lead to an electrode in a tank of the plating solution. Stick your part in, turn on the juice, and wait for your results.. The pl ( Full Answer )

Does the air force have special forces?

Yes the USAF has AFSC's pr "Job" that fall under SOCOM or Special Operations Command. Some of our Special Forces include the Pararescue men, the Combat Air Traffic Controller, the Sere Specialist, and the Tactical Air Control Party, as well as other AFSC's that partake in SOCOm missions such as Expl ( Full Answer )

What are the special characteristic of metal and non metal?

\nMetals are often hard. They conduct both heat and electricity. They often have high densities, high melting points, and high boiling points. And always loose electrons when bonding.\nNon-metals are the opposite of all the above characteristics.

Can having wire implants in your jaw cause metal toxicity?

No, it is highly unlikely. The best way to know for sure what component metals and alloys are in surgical implants is to ask the surgeon, and specifically ask about any potential for toxicity. Your surgeon can then explain exactly what will be used in the surgical implant and allay your concern. ( Full Answer )

Members of which kingdom have specialized organs?

I really don't know to tell u the truth but umm i am just trying to get the answer to this question my self and if u can help me u can reach me at and hit find and put in.

How do you get into special forces?

You have to join the military first, then if you show a high aptitude and an interest in joining the special forces you may get given the oppurtunity to try for selection. However, the standard is very high during selection, training and in service. Also, you must make sure that you join the correc ( Full Answer )

What is special force?

Special Force is a video game, published by the group Hezbollah using the Genesis 3D engine. The game is set in a 3D environment, in which the player takes the role of a Hezbollah combatant fighting the Israel defence forces.

What is the special l force for the air force?

The Air Force has Special Operations , "Special Forces" is the term for Army Green Berets. The Air Force special ops consist of: Pararescue Combat Controllers Special Ops Weather Team Or in Britain Royal Marines and RAF Regiment are the second closest to a Special Operations. the Roy ( Full Answer )

Why was gold such a special metal?

Gold is considered special in nearly every part of the world because it is very hard, but malleable. It is purified easily and will not corrode under most conditions. The color is very attractive to the human eye. Today, it is an excellent conductor and protects high-quality connectors from oxidatio ( Full Answer )

What metal is the battery plate made from?

General purpose flooded lead acid batteries have positive and negative plates made of lead. This is commercial battery grade lead consisting of lead-antimony alloy. A further development is calcium-lead alloy in the lead plates said to give better charge retention, reduced outgassing, higher curre ( Full Answer )

What forces drive plate motion?

Convection currents in the mantle and gravity (due to the processes of ridge push and slab pull).

Which member of the oxygen family is a metal?

Selenium, tellurium, and polonium are metalliod semiconductors (that means, their electrical properties are between those of a metal and an insulator). Nevertheless, tellurium, as well as selenium, is often referred to as a metal when in elemental form.

What is special about the polar bear's jaws?

Polar bears have a great jaw that provides for many normal everyday uses. 1) To bite with excessive force. 2) To pleasure their female friend in mating season ;)

Where do you get the metal face plate on astroknights?

If you want the half metal face you'll have to go back in time at 2009 in the time tangled island because at that time there was a creator account that dressed as the freaking binary bard that could be customized. He he.

What forces the oceanic plates apart?

Convection currents push the plates around. These are the circulations of the magma in the mantle, caused by the cooler magma at the surface sinking lower into the mantle, heating up, and rising to the surface again. The circular motion acts kind of like a conveyor belt to move the crust about.

Why is mercury a special metal and where is it used?

It's a liquid at room temperature is the main reason that it's special. It used to be used in thermometers but since they broke all the time and mercury is posion to humans in large ammounts and doesn't leave the body they are no longer made.

How did God specially design the jaws of snakes?

Depends on whose answer you were looking for. Some would suggest using evolution, others would suggest evolution did the work independent of God, and others still would prescribe the answer "His hands". It's been the issue of some pretty intense debate for the last few decades, actually.

Are Plate Tectonics a constructive force?

Plate Tectonics is a destructive force because it contributes to disintegration or the earth lithosphere,however this theory explain why earthquake and volcano occur. for further answers ask question to

Is mercury a special or precious metal?

It is considered precious because it is rare and is a pure element, not an alloy (mixture) or compound. Other precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, iridium, osmium, and even copper. Generally, if it's a metallic element, and it's traded as a commodity (rather than a s ( Full Answer )

What is meant by charged metallic plate?

A charged metallic plate is a thin rectangular (or square) sheet that carries a surface charge. Because metal is a conductor, you can assume that the surface charge is spread uniformly over the area of the plate.

Can the metal plates in an electrochemical cell be made of the same metal?

Historically, no, each metal has its own redox potential and it is the difference between them that causes the flow of electrons with the electrolyte carrying the charge in the cell and the circuit between the metals that carries them outside the cell. However, there are now cells that do not use t ( Full Answer )

Who are the members of the metal band Nonpoint?

Nonpoint is an American metal band formed in 1997. It originally started with Elias Soriano and Robb Rivera as lead vocals and drums respectively. Three new members joined in 2011. Currently, the Nonpoint consists of Elias Soriano (vocalist), Robb Rivera (drummer), Rasheed Thomas (guitarist), Dave L ( Full Answer )

What is the goal of Air Force Special Forces?

The Air Force Special Operations or Special Tactics is an umbrella term used to refer to specialist roles within the Air Force. Their goal, or mission, is the same as that of the whole Air Force and can be found with more detail on their values on their website.

What is the force that moves earths plates?

Theforce that causes most of the plate movement is thermal convection,where heat from the earth's interior causes currents of hot risingmagma and cooler sinking magma to flow, moving the of plate thecrust along with them..

Why is it important to use vice jaw plates?

The jaws of a vice used in metal working have small teeth likesegments cut into them to assit in gripping metal. If you use thevice for soft metals such as copper or brass the jaws will leaveindentation the in the metal which will prove very difficult topolish out. plain jaws or plates are added to ( Full Answer )

Is Wiets Verhoeven a former member of the Dutch Special Forces?

Whatever it may be information not accessible, Spec.Ops.Unitmembers have information protection! These guys just do their jobsand expect no admiration or recognition. Leave them alone!! (LT*first class D.W. Franco - Kansas City)

Why is metal music special?

people ignore metal music because it has a lot of loud, unpleasant noises... but it has a lot of meaning in it!!! and it has true meaning in it!!! other than stupid pop songs!!!