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Can you be a member of two unions at the same time?

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SIMPLE ANSWER W/EXPLAINATIONYes. There is no reason you cant. It actually more better if you are in more that one.
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Can you be a member of two unions at the same time in England?

Yes, membership of any organization is a matter of individual choice.

Can a person belong to two unions?

Yes. 1) Union of marraige with a wife or husband. 2) Membership of a trades union. Like marriage, there is little point to being a member of two trade unions.

What were two types of unions formed by American workers?

Craft unions and industrial unions were two types of unions formed by American workers.

Can someone be a member of two political parties at the same time?

Yes, if they registered as an independent, they can vote for whomever they want.

Types of trade unions?

There are two principal types of trade unions:Craft UnionsIndustrial Unions

How did the Wagner Act affect Unions?

At the time there were two types of unions, company made unions, and unions made by the workers. The Wagner Act shifted the power towards the latter causing more and more legal decisions to go their way.

Can an executive member of one union be an executive member for another union?

Yes. If the two unions come into conflict with one another, the executive should recuse himself from the matter altogether.

What were the two types of unions formed by American workers?

craft unions and industrial unions

Can a Senator serve as a Lieutenant Governor at the same time?

No. No government official can hold positions in two branches of government at the same time. A Senator is a member of the Legislative branch of government, while the Lieutenant Governor is the number two guy in the Executive branch.

If two soldiers have the same rank time in grade and time in service. Who outranks who?

The only way one soldier can out rank another who has the same time is service/time in grade is if he has been placed in such a position by a higher ranking service member or by situation. For instance: Say two soldiers who joined the service at the same time, were promoted at the same time, were in the same unit. Soldier A is made squad leader and soldier B is a member of that squad. Technically soldier B is subordinate to soldier A. For officers, the lineal list will specifically show which officer out ranks the other, regardless of date and rank.

Can two people have the same stage name?

They could, except that the theatre unions work very hard to prevent that.

Can there be two tornadoes at the same time?

Yes, of course there can be two tornadoes at the same time.

Similarities between union structure enum in c?

Structures and unions share the following characteristics: * Their members can be objects of any type, including other structures and unions or arrays. A member can also consist of a bit field. * The only operators valid for use with entire structures and unions are the simple assignment (=) and sizeof operators. In particular, structures and unions cannot appear as operands of the equality ( == ), inequality (!=), or cast operators. The two structures or unions in the assignment must have the same members and member types. * A structure or a union can be passed by value to functions and returned by value by functions. The argument must have the same type as the function parameter. A structure or union is passed by value just like a scalar variable; that is, the entire structure or union is copied into the corresponding parameter. similarity is all three are user defined data types.

Can you be in two countries at the same time?

You can certainly have your feet in two different countries at the same time.

What is it called when two people says the same at the same time?

When two people say the same thing at the same time is called a "JINX".

Can a same-sex marriage be performed as a civil union?

No. A civil union and legal marriage are two different things. If you perform a civil union, then you end up with a civil union, not a same-sex marriage. The only exception is in the states that used to permit only civil unions, but now allow same-sex marriages. In some of those states, existing civil unions were automatically converted to marriages. In at least one other state (Vermont), civil unions remained civil unions and no new civil unions were permitted.

What year did Hitler ban trade unions?

Hitler never banned trade unions. In 1933, he formed two national unions to replace the dozens of poorly organized, badly run organizations. Then he outlawed any new unions, forcing all workers into one of the two unions he created.

Two babies born at the same time?

when two babies are born at the same time are callled twins!

Can you move two pawns at the same time in a chess game?

No, the only time you can move two pieces at the same time is when you castle.

Can an account on miniclipcom be on two computers at the same time?

yes you can use accounts on two computer at same time.

What is a word for having two feelings at the same time?

Ambivalence is a word for having two feelings at the same time.

How do you use at the same time in sentence?

You wrote with two hands at the same time.

Does the Arkansas state capitol allow same-sex civil unions?

No. Civil unions are not legal in Arkansas, regardless of whether the parties are of the same or different sexes. The state could permit a ceremony between two persons of the same sex to occur on the grounds of the Capitol building, but it would have no legal standing in Arkansas.

Is it harmful if you open two web browsers at the same time?

No it is not harmful to open two web browsers at the same time.

the ______ can focus it's eyes in two directions at the same time?

Depth perception