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yes, you can be allergic to tomatoes .you can you can be allergic to some of the wildest things you can be allergic to any thing.

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2011-01-03 19:49:21
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Q: Can you be allergic to tomatoes?
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What can you get from eating tomatoes?

you can get sores in your mouth or nose (this mainlly happens with chery tomatoes) because they have lots of acid in them. also, if you are allergic you will have an allergic reaction.

Is Colin Morgan allergic to tomatoes?

Yes he is

Why are tomatoes evil?

Tomatoes are not evil you might think that but they are not maybe you are allergic to them and you can't have them and that is why you think that they are evil

What are people allergic to if they can't eat tomatoes and avocados?

Early evidence suggests that people with allergies to avocados, potatoes, bananas, and tomatoes may be more likely to be allergic to ______.

Can anyone be allergic to tomatoes?

Yes. It may be a food allergy or a food intolerance. I cannot eat tomatoes or anything in the same food family.

Are strawberries and kiwi related?

No, they are not related but they have something in common. That's why if a person is allergic to strawberries, he or she would be allergic to kiwis too. Like strawberries, kiwi fruit contains a similar allergen to birch pollen.People who are allergic to bananas may also be allergic to kiwi fruit and avocado due to the protein chitinase present in all of these fruits.People who are allergic to tomatoes may also be allergic to potatoes, peppers and eggplant. Many people who are allergic to tomatoes can not tolerate the IgE protein in the raw tomato, but may be able to tolerate cooked tomatoes. Read more in the related link. Kiwi are a hybrid off of strawberries, bananas.... so YES

Are there some side effects after eating deep fried tomatoes?

only if u are allergic to it or choke on it

Do cows eat cow parsley?

Of course cows eat parsley, they are allergic to tomatoes though

Why does your tongue split and hurt when eating tomatoes or bananas?

That is because you are allergic to them... if thats all that happens then you are mildly allergic to them, but you should see an allergist just to be careful, and get tested to see if you are allergic to any other fruits.

Which vegetables mature at night?

Tomatos are one tomatoes, potatoes and green peppers. I'm allergic to them, which is how I know.

If one is allergic to citrus would they be allergic to tomatoes?

Not likely, but possible. Citrus allergies are rare, and having one indicates a high level of sensitivity. Tomato and Citrus are in completely different families though, so an allergy is not a given. Depends on what component in Citrus you're allergic to.

What are some reactions to tomatoes if you are allergic?

Hives, rashes, things like that that can effect the skin. Hives, rashes, things like that that can effect the skin.

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