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YES I've been charged with it. its a mistameanor 2

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Q: Can you be arrested for simple assault in Pennsylvania?
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Related questions

Can teenage girls get arrested for assault?

Yes, teenage girls can get arrested for assault.

Can you get arrested for assaulting women?

You can get arrested for assault on anyone.

Can you get a lot of jail time if you violated parole with simple assault charges in Pennsylvania if so what is the maximum term?


Does a person have to be arrested to be charged for simple assault?

Yes, for any crime commited, someone has to at least be taken in, in order to be charged.

If arrested on 3rd degree assault and there is a warrant for the same thing what will happen?

If you were arrested for committing an assault and you are already wanted for a PREVIOUS assault of the same type, you will be tried for TWO counts of assault.

IS Simple assault a misdemeanor or a felony?

Simple assault is a misdemeanor. Not sure about assault and battery...

How do you get arrested for domestic assault?

By committing it.

Can you own a gun in KY if you have been arrested for assault?

Arrested? Yes. Convicted? Not if the assault was a felony, or against a domestic partner.

What is the penalty for simple assault in Pennsylvania?

Depends entirely on the circumstances and what degree Simple Assault you're referring to. Simple Assault is considered a misdemeanor in PA and the punishment ranges from 1 year (max) in prison to 5. (1) assault on a child (under 14 years old) - (max) 5 years in prison (2) assault (most common) - (max) 2 years in prison (3) (mutual) assault - (max) 1 year in prison

Is domestic assault and simple assault the same thing?

No. Simple assault refers to unarmed assault. Domestic assault refers to an assault directly targeted at someone within the household.

How can you fight simple assult charge in fl?

I was arrested for simple assault cause I verbally yelled at my girlfriend. Next door niebhoors were in volved incident happened at 10:00am

Can you have a civil suit for simple assault?

No. Simple assault is a crime. There is probably a mirror tort (assault) for which you can make a civil action.

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