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YES I've been charged with it. its a mistameanor 2


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Yes, teenage girls can get arrested for assault.

You can get arrested for assault on anyone.

If you were arrested for committing an assault and you are already wanted for a PREVIOUS assault of the same type, you will be tried for TWO counts of assault.

Yes, for any crime commited, someone has to at least be taken in, in order to be charged.

Simple assault is a misdemeanor. Not sure about assault and battery...

Depends entirely on the circumstances and what degree Simple Assault you're referring to. Simple Assault is considered a misdemeanor in PA and the punishment ranges from 1 year (max) in prison to 5. (1) assault on a child (under 14 years old) - (max) 5 years in prison (2) assault (most common) - (max) 2 years in prison (3) (mutual) assault - (max) 1 year in prison

Arrested? Yes. Convicted? Not if the assault was a felony, or against a domestic partner.

No. Simple assault refers to unarmed assault. Domestic assault refers to an assault directly targeted at someone within the household.

I was arrested for simple assault cause I verbally yelled at my girlfriend. Next door niebhoors were in volved incident happened at 10:00am

No. Simple assault is a crime. There is probably a mirror tort (assault) for which you can make a civil action.

there is no such thing as a simple assault

It depends on the type of assault. "Simple" assault can be a misdemeanor, but Assault With a Weapon is a felony.

No, simple assault is not a crime of moral turpitude. However, aggravated assault, or assault with the intent to kill, is a crime of moral turpitude.

Yes, SIMPLE Assault (no weapon involved - hands or fists only) is a misdemeanor.

Slapping someone, or spitting on someone are examples of simple assault in Canada.

The type of assault is not included in the question, so as a general answer, yes, you can be.

You can get up to one year in jail and fines up to about 2,500 dollars depending on the type of simple assault that you commit in TN. Simple assault is considered a misdemeanor.

File charges and have the assailant arrested.

Absoultely. Assault & Battery is actually a felony offense in many/most jurisdictions.

Any charge that is dropped does remain on your record as an arrest, if indeed you were arrested for it. It just doesn't show as a conviction.

Simple assault is the lowest degree of assault. In general, assault is "making threats with the ability to carry them out". Despite common belief, you do NOT have to touch them to be charged with assault. Simply making threats at close range, or making a fist (in a harmful manner, of course) constitutes assault in most jurisdictions.

A parolee can be violated by being in close proximity of the commission of the crime of simple assault. So, yes.

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