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Can you be arrested if you are suspected to have sold drugs?

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If you are suspected to have sold drugs by a federal or state police authority, you can be detained, questioned, and/or have your property or person searched (with attainment of a warrant) with the allowances of probable cause (or in the final case, the provision of a warrant by the proof of probable cause).

Probable cause, in turn, a "reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime." As broad as this definition is, so too has been its application and attainment in criminal law.

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Was Corbin Bleu arrested for drugs?

No, Corbin Bleu was never arrested for drugs.

Can you be arrested if your room mate uses drugs?

You can only be arrested if you know about it and have either come in contact with the drugs, or if you have done the drugs yourself. Besides that, you cannot be arrested.

What does it mean when you get arrested?

You are suspected of having committed a crime

Did PSY get arrested?

Yes, He got arrested from drugs.

Can you be arrested for possession of drugs if the drugs are not in your possession?

If the drugs are found somewhere you have primary access to (your home, a locker, your vehicle) - then yes you can be arrested for possession. Then it will be up to your lawyer to prove the drugs were not left there by you.

Can you be arrested for drugs if your at a friends house and don't have drugs on you aren't under the influence and the police ome in and find drugs in the friends house?

arrested yes convicted no.

Why was Andre the giant arrested?

Andre The Giant was arrested for possession of drugs

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It is currently sold at London Drugs (Canada).

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Did Sade get arrested for drugs?

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What was johnny cash arrested for?

Johnny was arrested for possession of drugs. He hid them in his guitar.

Justin bieber should be arrested for taking drugs?

If there is evidence that he is taking drugs.

Is it illegal to give drugs to animals in zoos?

no it is not you can give drugs to animals but you will get arrested.

How long do you go to prison for selling illegal drugs?

It depends what drugs were sold, what the laws are in the area the drug was sold, and how much was sold.

Is Jeff hardy arrested?

Yes , he is arrested because of using drugs and police caught him.

Why was Plies brother arrested?

Drugs and guns

Can you be arrested if you are in a car where drugs were found?


Why did Jeff hardy get arrested for?

Jeff hardy got arrested because he got mailed on drugs

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Yes Tupac sold drugs

Was Florence Griffith-Joyner suspected for drugs?

Yes, most defiitely.

What drugs are called street drugs?

Kind of self explanatory. Drugs that are sold on the street are street drugs.

What happens when you use drugs in sport?

you will be arrested and be disqualified

Can you be arrested if you are at a party where there are drugs but you aren't doing them?


WHY Jeff hardy get arrested?

Someone mailed him drugs =(

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