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If I understand your question you are in an accident not your fault and it was settled, but the insurance was through a different company than the one you had ? I think they can hike the rates.

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Q: Can you be charged higher car insurance after you were involved in an accident and it was on a different company policy it was also not your fault and settled by the other driver?
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Who owns the car after it s been charged off?

I assume your question refers to a car that was financed and was involved in an accident an it was a total lost. The insurance company pays the bank, the car belongs to the insurance company.

How many points is an unsafe lane change ticket in ca?

This is normally 1 point for this type of violation unless there also was an accident involved at the same time. If there was an accident you will be charged 4 points for the total on your driving record but only 3 points for your insurance record with most insurance companies.

If you let your sister borrow your insured car and she is in an accident and charged for the accident does her insurance cover the accident or will yours?

The correct way to spell the word is accident. You were correct.

What will happen if you are involved in a collision and you do not stop at the scene?

You can be charged with leaving the scene of a accident

What would happen to the licence of a driver who has involved in an accident and did not stop?

They would be charged

What if a fraudulent vehicle accident and there is no damage to either vehicle?

Then the people will be charged with insurance fraud.

What could the driver be charged with if someone is injured or killed?

If someone in a vehicle accident is injured or killed, one or all of the drivers involved in the accident may be charged with vehicular manslaughter or felon reckless or drunken driving, depending on the circumstances. The driver charged does not necessarily have to be the one who caused the accident.

Can a driver be charged for telling law enforcement at an accident scene he does not own the car because he does not have insurance?


Is a drunk driver always at fault in an accident?

No, but if involved in an accident, even when not at fault, the drunk driver would still be guilty of, and could be charged with, DUI.

If both parties flee the scene of the accident including the party not at fault how will this effect the insurance claim?

if u both left and someone is filing insurance claim, BOTH parties will get charged with Leaving the scene of an accident and may not be able to file insurance claim

If you are involved in a hit and run accident that is not your fault should you tell your insurance if you are about to switch insurance companies?

== == Question..........Did you leave the scene of the accident? If so, you should have been charged by police. On the other hand, if you didn't run and the other driver did run away, you are OK. And YES you should all ways tell the TRUTH to your insurance company, or it WILL come back and bite you in the butt. That also applies to the NEW insurance company. Ethically you have a responsibility to be truthful about your past driving record.

If a friend drives your car and is charged with DUI and gets in an accident does your collision coverage cover the damages?

depends on your and his insurance, generally insurance follows the driver not the car. so your insurance shouldn't care, their insurance should pay for everything. If they don't have insurance, then your uninsured motorist might cover it. It depends entirely on your company, but if your company pays then your premiums will go up. The person they hit should have insurance that may cover it. I see no reason why your insurance should be involved.

What moral principle is involved when a car driver who is involved in an accident is charged with reckless imprudence causing damage to property?

It is criminal law: society's response to actions that are criminal or negligent.

Is it legal to be charged more at the doctors if you have insurance?

It is legal for a provider to have a cash price and a a different price for different insurance companies. So yes.

If you hit someone in an accident does your insurance pay for the repairs?

If you hit someone in a car accident and you have auto insurance even if they don't your insurance will cover repairing both automobiles.This is why you carry insurance. You will not be charged anything for the repairs to the other persons automobile.It is always best to let the insurance pay for it! It beats the other party suing you, that can get ral ugly and make your insurance go way up if you loose.

Would an insurance company instantly refuse a claim if you were not at fault in an accident but were however charged with a high range pca by the police?


Will insurance cover a totaled car if police report states alcohol involved but was only charged with reckless driving?

insurance is insurance as long as it wasn't done to profit the owner/ yes you are covered

If you are injured in a auto accident where the other driver is at fault how does his liability insurance cover you?

Yes, every liability policy has bodily insurance coverage attached to it. Therefore, their insurance should pay any medical bills you may be charged for.

Does full coverage insurance cover vehicle if driver is charged with DWI?

If you were in an accident yes it would, if you are talking about having insurance to cover criminal charges and fines, I'm pretty sure that is illegal.

Can an insurance raise if you have been in an accident but not charged?

Absolutely, the fact that you are cited or not cited will not apply. The insurance company will determine your fault. For example, an accident caused on private property doesn't fall under police jurisdiction but you still caused it so your company would raise your rates.

Will your insurance pay if you swerved to avoid a dog?

yes, but even if only your car was damaged, you could be charged with an at-fault accident even if you didn't get a ticket.

Should senior citizens be charged a higher rate for car insurance?

Senior citizens should be charged a higher rate for car insurance. Seniors have the second highest accident risk average, only after teenage drivers. Teenage drivers have higher car insurance because of this higher risk factor, and so should senior citizens.

If you were in an accident which was your fault and had no insurance and got 2 tickets will your insurance go up in the future?

If you are able to obtain insurance in the future is the questions. You will most likely be placed in the assigned risk group and the rates you will be charged will be higher than those without your history.

What would happen to a driver who was involved in an accident and did not stop to help the person who was injured?

They would be charged with leaving the scene of an accident in addition to any other charges regarding the cause. There is no requirement to help the other driver.

You were involved in wreckaccident and was charged with DUI you were rearended who is at fault?

the insurance companies can place the blame on you because you were drunk and shouldn't have been out on the road.