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Q: Can you be color deficient and still join the royal marines?
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What is the difference between royal marines and royal marine reserves?

Royal marines join full time and do 32 weeks training Royal marines reserve are like the territorial army, you still have a job (teacher, doctor) but you do one weekend a month training for 18 months and support the full time marines

Can you join the royal marine commandos with a criminal record?

if you have a criminal record can you still join the marines commando

Who Are Better Royal Marines Or The Parachute Regiment?

The parachute regiment are more elite and more skilled as there training is harder though the royal marines are still extremely good. 1st para work along side the sas which just shows, it ain't the royal marines working with the sas for a reason the paras have better training though they do say the royal marines are more intelligente over all I would say the paras are better

Can you still be in the royal air force if your color blind?

Yes you can but you must pass a color vision test before becoming a pilot.

Why were the marines formed?

Since ancient times, marines were soldiers carried on warships for boarding. By the time of the American Revolution, British warships had Royal Marines for boarding, and for preventing mutinies, so the Continental Navy had them too. The Continental Marines became the United States Marines, and later they became corps-strength. Boarding actions are unlikely now, and mutinies are less of a possibility, but countries with navies still have marines for amphibious operations. The United States has the most (200,000).

You have an adult high school diploma not a GED can I still join the marines?

i have a adult school diploma, can i still join the marines corp with it?

I have a chest that says you only live once can I get in the marines with it?

If you have a tattooed chest, you can still serve in the marines.

When did the Harrier go out of use?

The Harrier's AV-8 version is still in use with the US Marines and the Spanish and Italian Navies. The Indian Navy may also use them. - Only the Royal Navy has taken them out of service.

If you are in the marines stationed on a Naval Base do you still have a Marine Corps Ball?

Marines celebrate the birthday no matter where they are... all over the world.

If you do not have papers can you still join the Marines?

No, some form of documentation is required.

Did Roc Royal die?

As of April 2012, Roc Royal is still alive.

If you in the sixth Marines and you leave the unit are you still authorized to wear the Fourragere?

no, the only exception is if you have been with 5th and 6th marines, then you permanently wear both

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