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No, making a payment(s) on someone else's debt does not legally obligate the payer to continue to pay or to assume the debt as his or her own.

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Q: Can you be held liable for a deceased credit card debt if you made the minimum monthly payment for them and were not a joint holder?
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What is the minimum monthly payment on credit cards?

reload credit card

If your credit card balance is 1150 and the minimum monthly payment is 3 percent what is the minimum amount you must pay?

$1150.00 X 3% = $34.50 minimum payment or $1150.00 X .03 = $34.50 minimum payment

If your credit card balance is 1150 and the minimum monthly payment required is 3 percent What is the minimum amount you must pay this month?


What are the benefits of having a personal line of credit?

-revolving credit -a credit limit -monthly statement -enable cash advances -minimum payment required -insurance offered

What will happen if a partial payment is made on a credit card?

If your payment is smaller than the minimum monthly payment, you'll incur finance charges, under-minimum fees, late charges, and so forth; your account may be listed as past due as well.

What builds credit faster paying the monthy minimum or in full?

Paying your bills in full is always better than paying the minimum monthly payment. When you are paying your minimum monthly payment your balance continues to grow because you continue to shop and the interest continues to be add-on and it will take years and years to pay off. (by law, the bill will show how long it will take to pay your bills, if you are paying the minimum monthly payment). That is how people get overly in debt and high balances affect your credit score. my advise is: treat credit cards as a replacement of cash, (to take advantage of the rewards/benefits of the card), NOT AS A FAST LOAN.

Is there monthly payment plans on credit cards?


Can you send credit cards 5.00 per month and do they have to accept it?

Most credit card companies demand a minimum monthly payment of 5% of your balance owed.If you owe $1000 your minimum payment would be $50.You can send any amount you want. However your balance owing will steadily increase. It will only affect your credit rating.If you pay only the minimum payment each month, it will take years for you to pay your bill.

What is the minimum payment due on a credit card with a 50000 balance?

Most credit card issuers have moved to a monthly minimum payment due of 4% of the outstanding balance. For a $50,000 balance this would equate to $2,000. Some issuers only require 2% or 3% minimum payments, which would equate to $1,000 or $1,500, respectively. You would need to check with your credit card issuer to determine their particular minimum payment requirements. Check out to look at different scenarios.

Is the co-signers credit affected if a monthly payment is late?

Yes. The co-signers credit can be affected if a monthly payment is late. He may also owe late fees.

Should you pay of the monthly credit card payment of just make minimum payment?

Always try to pay off the full amount - you'll pay out a lot less in the long run. You should budget for your purchases even when you use a credit card.

You had a credit card with Household Bank that went into collection you've been paying the collection company every month for 2 years but your balance keeps going up what can you do?

What is the Annual Percentage rate set at? Are you making more than the minimum monthly payment? Is the collection agency charging any monthly fees? If you are making a $10.00 a month payment and the finance charges are $8.00, only two dollars is being applied to wards the balance, each month. Check to see how much of your monthly payment is going to the finance charges and then increase your monthly payment to cover the minimum monthly payment and finance charges.

How do you submit a monthly payment for a credit card?

By Mail. By Phone. Online.

What does Minimum payment in your credit card bills mean What happens if pay less than the Minimum payment?

It's called minimum payment for a reason.. and that reason is that you don't have to pay you're full balance.. but you have to pay the minimum payment. NOTHING LESS

How do you increase my credit limit?

Pay more than your monthly minimum. Credit companies watch that.

What is the minimum payment for a visa credit card?

2% or 20$.

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator?

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator Use this calculator to determine how long it will take you to payoff your credit cards if you only make the minimum payments. Enter your credit card information below and press "View Report" to see your payoff details.

How much do you have to pay monthly on a credit card line of 400 dollars?

Most credit cards require a minimum payment of 5 % per month. That would be $ 20 on a balance of $ 400. It all depends on the companies policy.

What are the rules for credit card payment at Home Depot?

The rules for credit card payment at Home Depot is their monthly payment has to be received by the due date specified on their credit card statement or they could receive a late charge.

What credit cards allow for a partial monthly payment plan?

American Express is the only credit card that has a card which requires a payment in full each month. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and some American Express Cards all allow for a partial monthly payment.

What are the disadvantages of using a credit card with a zero percent APR?

Credit cards with a zero percent APR generally have minimum monthly payments that must be made in order to avoid costly charges. If your minimum payment is not made each month, you may be hit with costly penalty fees.

What are the minimum payments on a credit card?

Depends on how much you owe. The more you owe, the more the minimum payment.

What is the monthly payment on a new vespa scooter?

The monthly payment on a new Vespa scooter varies with the model and your credit rating. The payment can be as low as about 170 dollars per month or as high as 230 per month.

Malik purchased a pair of roller blades that were originally priced at 250 for a sale price of 180 He charged the roller blades on his credit card and made the minimum monthly payment of 20 When?


Can a credit card company charge off an account when they are receiving monthly payments?

Yes, if the monthly payment is not the minimum amount agreed upon, a breach of contract has occurred on the part of the account holder and the creditor may take whatever action they decide is warranted.