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Liability is almost certainly going to lay with the owner of the trampoline.

Trampolines are considered an "Attractive Hazard". meaning they attract people , especially children to use them. Much the same as a carnival ride or an acccessible neighborhood swimming pool.

The above being common knowledge it is amost always accepted that the owner (barring rior legal waiver) of the attraction is responsible for proper supervision and safety as well as resulting liabilities, not the user and certainly not a third party who has no control over access to the trampoline.


Not criminally liable, but you could be subjected to a civil suit and found liable for the injury.

Anyone can sueBut it's their trampoline, on their property, and they should have been supervising the children. Unless your son deliberately attacked the younger child, your attorney, or your insurance company's, should be able to handle this one with his eyes closed.
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