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Yes, IF you have parental consent.

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Q: Can you be legally married at 16 in Texas?
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You accidentally married a 15 year old in Texas?

You are not legally allowed to get married in Texas at 15 so I doubt that you are. Only if you are 16-17yo can you apply for a marriage license in Texas and only if you have written parental consent on an official form in the presence of the county clerk or if you have received an order from the Texas district court authorizing your marriage. So I doubt you are legally married.

If a man and woman in Texas get married while the man is in prison when the man is released from prison are they legally married?

If they get legally married while the man is in prison, they are legally married when the man is released from prison.

If you are a lesbian at 16 and get married can you legally move out to live with her?

if you are a lesbian and get married at 16 and one of your parents sign it and say its okay than can you legally move out?

Can married persons date in Texas if legally separated?

Can married persons that have filed a separation agreeement in Texas legally date other people? Are there specific agreements that need to be filed for legal separation?

If you are married in Oklahoma at age 16 are you emancipated?

If you are legally married, you are considered an adult.

Can you get married in Texas when you're sixteen and pregnant?

Not legally. When the baby is born, it may be a different story in Texas.

Can you legally get married at age 16 in the stae of Texas if you and the one you want ot marry have a child whose already born?

You still need a guardian consent.

How old do you have to be to be legally married?

You have to be 18 to legally marry on your own. 16 and 17 you have to have parent consent.

Can a 16 year old that is married move out legally in the state of Illinois?

Yes. A person who is legally married is considered emancipated and responsible for him/herself.

What if you are legally married in US but not in Mexico are you legally married?

yes you are legally married.

Is 16 too young to get married?

yes in most states you have to be 18 to get legally married no you can get your parents to sign some paper at court so you can get married at 16. if you feel that 16 is right and your parents agree to you getting married

Is it legal for a 23-year-old male to have a relationship with a 16-year-old girl if they are married?

If they are legally married there is no problem. However, she has to have parental permission to get married at 16.

Can a 16 yr old drop out of high school in Texas legally?

yes he/she can...

How old do you legally have to be in Illinois to get married?

16 with parental consent. 18 otherwise.

Can you get married at 16 in tx?

You can get married at 16 in Texas. You must have parental permission to do so. Otherwise, you have to wait until you turn 18.

Can green card holders married in Germany divorce in Texas?

If you are a Green Card holder and living in Texas, you do not have to go back to Germany to get divorced. You can legally get divorced in Texas.

In the state of Texas can you get married at 15 or do you have to wait until you are 16?

In TX, if you are 16/17 you can get married with parental consent. If you are under 16, then a court order is required.

Can you get married at 14 with parent consent in Texas?

No, you must be 16.

Can you legally move out in Texas at 16?

If you have the permission of the parents. Until you are an adult, 18 in Texas, your parents are responsible for you. That includes determining where you live.

If you get married at 16 in Ontario and move to America are you still married?

If you are legally married in Ontario, your marriage will be recognized in most of the world including the US.

What age can a pregnant 16-year-girl get married to her 16-year-old boyfriend in the state of Texas?

When they both reach the age of majority. In Texas that is 18 years old. If both of their parents agree to it, they can get married at 16.

Can you legally get married in Texas to your girlfriend who is 16 if you are 19 and have a baby together?

The age is 18 without from a parent or your legal guardian. If under the age of 16, the law requires that the couple receives a court order before being allowed to marry.

If you get married in South Carolina but you live in Georgia are you legally married?

Yes. If you were married legally in SC then anywhere you go you are married legally.

Do you have to divorce fake wife?

If you legally married her, yes.If you legally married her, yes.If you legally married her, yes.If you legally married her, yes.

Can a 16 year old female get married to a 23 year old male with girls parents consent in Texas?

Yes. 16 is the lowest age at which someone can get married in Texas. But they must have parental consent.