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Until the end of high school

2010-01-22 16:16:08
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What does NADCU stand for in Indiana child support?

NADCU has something to do with custodial arrears with regard to Indiana child support.

Can child support be paid monthly in Indiana?

Yes, in Indiana you can pay your child support monthly unless it is set up on a garnishment from wages. If your wages are being garnished, your child support will be paid when you get paid.

How long legally can Georgia hold an inmate for Indiana to extradite on child support?

Indiana has 10 days to extradite. If it is for child support they will pick him or her up and extradite also.

Do you have to pay support if your child gets kicked out of school in the state of Indiana?

In Indiana, child support continues until the age of 18, regardless of the child's high school standing.

In Indiana can unemployment benefits be garnished for child support?


What does the acronym CSUP stand for as used in an Indiana state child support document?

CSUP: Child Support

Can Florida extradite from Indiana jail for not paying child support?

If a person is already in jail, there is no child support owed.

Can you stop visitation in the state of Indiana for failure to pay child support?

I doubt it - support and visitation are different matters.

Is there a statute of limitations on collecting child support in indiana?

There is no statute of limitations on collecting past-due child support.

Is gift to daughter considered income for figuring child support in Indiana?


Does a new wife have to pay child support for her spouse's children in Indiana?


What is the Indiana State law on stopping child support?

Indiana state law. Says that if child has reached the age of 19 years or has been emancipated. Or is married or in the armed services .Child support can be stopped.

How long do you have to pay child support in Indiana?

In Indiana, you will have to pay child support until your child reaches 18 years of age. If the child decides to go to college full-time, you will have to continue to pay child support until they graduate or drop out of college.

What age do you stop paying child support in Indiana?

in Indiana, what is the age in which child support stops?

Can a judge abolish a previous child support order in Indiana?

With good cause.

Can back child support in Indiana stop you from getting a passport?

Yes, nationwide.

Will child support be shut off if child is moved from Indiana to another state?

No it will not.

What does nadcu stand for Indiana child support?

NADCU is a bucket in ISETS and it means that the money is regular child support owed to the CP.

Can you go to jail for not paying child support on a child over 18 years old in Indiana?

That depends on the circumstances. Indiana reserves the right to jail parents found in contempt of court for failure to pay any child support in arrears no matter the age of the child, or failure to abide by an extended support order (where support is modified by the court to continue past the child's age of emancipation, which is 19 in Indiana, recently lowered from age 21 ). In general, if no support is in arrears, Indiana child support terminates when the child reaches the age 19 although a provision remains for the "educational needs" of a child over 19 but doesn't spell out exactly what falls into that category.

How long do you have to pay child support in the state of Indiana?

In Indiana, you will have to pay child support up until your child turns 19 years of age or finishes college. The child support does not automatically stop so you will have to file with the courts to stop the child support once your child hits the age of 19 years old or is finished with college.

Can you divorce a disabled person in Indiana?

You can divorce a disabled person in Indiana, but you may have to pay spousal support. it is highly recommended that you consult an attorney to help you in this situation.

Will the state of Florida continue to collect child support if you move to Indiana?

Or even India.

Can a court order on child support arrears be modified in Indiana?

That depends on the cause and the judge

If a child is not living at home at the age of 19 do they still get child support in the state of Indiana?

No that person is an adult and child support stops at 18.

Free or lowincome drug rehab in Indiana?

Where in Indiana are you? I am in nw Indiana and there are mental health facilities which have drug rehabs in them, as well as support groups... if you can, try seeing a therapist. they can help you get a case manager who can help you get medicaid and will then pay for services.