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Can you be part wolf?


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Not many are blessed with having powers from the cousin of a dog: the wolf. I am. If you growl like a wolf when really scared, howl almost EXACTLY like one, occasionally walk like one (on all fours) you are part wolf. But there is one MAJOR thing you need to find out if you are in the Great Wolf Clan. Expression. You got to be able to control and distract a dog or wolf with facial expressions. When angry, snarling and snapping. When scared or sad, whimper in that certain tone and slink away. Like that. You also need to know how to say the most important words in the wolf language.


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i found out I'm part wolf you are part wolf because its in your blood.

The red wolf or red wolf hybrid is a wolf species that is part wolf, part coyote.

The wolf is part of the Canidae family .A wolf is a part of the dog family

No, a wolf is not part cat. A wolf is it's own species. However, wolves are in the dog family.

some dogs are if the male or female is a wolf than yes it will cuse a mix the puppy will be part wolf.

Dogs are not part wolf, they are 100% wolf and considered to be a wolf subspecies - Canis lupus familiaris.

No, wolves are 100% wolf. They are not part unicorn, nor is any other animal.

It may have wolf traits to it and they are guessing it's part wolf

a black wolf is really just a gray wolf with black fur. Still part of the Timber wolf.

Well It's a wolf, but part of the dog family. Foxes are part of the cat family so wolf=dog and fox=cat so yeah!

It depends on what part of the world the wolf is from.

listen, im part wolf, but you'll never guess who i am... if you go on all fours, sometimes you can feel it...... but i had a special way of becoming part wolf.......... you'll never find me....... >:) soul of a wolf1998 yea,SURE you are.

No. Different species.

White Fang, Beauty Smith, Weedon Scott, and Grey Beaver are the main characters. White Fang is a a part dog, part wolf. His mother, Kiche is a part dog, part wolf. One Eye is White Fang's father and is all wolf.

In the wolf quest game a slough male is a male wolf who is part of the slough pack.

Harvey Keitel played the part of Winston Wolf (or simply "The Wolf") .

Usually a noun, but can be used as a verb- Don't wolf your food like that.

The cartoon that has a wolf as a character is called Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. This cartoon is an animated series that is a part of Warner Brothers.

Not only are dogs in the same family as the wolf, they are the same species as the wolf, just a different subspecies.

Buck became part of the wolf pack because he found the wolves on a full mooned night and confronted them.

The Wolf Ceremony is part of Hedgies Nature Journal and written by Chief Dan George.

A wolf because Romulus and Remus were rised part of there life by a wolf

Because the red wolf is a animal and it has a backbone so it fits into animalia

yes she is but she only part wolf not hole. when she first see\hear the flower ma don and then she runs away from her master and then she meet hige

well it depends on which part that you are on. like if you are trying to get back to human the first time you turn into a wolf, then you have to collect the tears that turn you back into a human.

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