Can you be pregnant and have a discharge of old blood?

Many women do, but here's the thing, are you sure it's old blood (very dark in color - almost brown even)? Even at that, depending on your stage of pregnancy, it could be a symptom of something else. You need to make sure that an ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out. You also should make sure that a molar pregnancy has been ruled out (although a molar pregnancy is extremely rare). There are also other problems that could be occurring that is not readily brought to your attention as a result of this old bloody discharge. Not only that, but the discharge of blood, old or new, can be an indication of something severe, even though it is usually perfectly normal. In any case, you should call over to the doctor's office and speak to the nurse on call when you are able to at the very least. Tell her what is going on and she will recommend whether you should come in for an exam or put you completely at ease.