Can you be pregnant and have a stop and go period?

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No u cannot have your period when your pregnant

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Q: Can you be pregnant and have a stop and go period?
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When a women is pregnant will she stop having her period?

Yes a woman that is pregnant will stop having her period, until the baby is born.

How can you make your period stop early?

get pregnant

If you get pregnant during your period will your period stop immediately?

you really can't get pregnant during your period. Your period happens because you didn't get pregnant. Ovulation is when you get pregnant and it happens about two weeks after your period ends.

What natural remedies can you take to stop your period?

The only natural way to stop your period would be to get pregnant.

Can you be on your menstrual period while pregnant?

No once you are pregnant your periods will also stop.

Why don't you get your period when your pregnant?

When you become pregnant your ovaries stop making eggs, your period is triggered by unfertilized eggs.

Can I still get pregnant after age 50?

in my opinion yes you can because an expert says that when you stop having your period then your maybe to old to be pregnant but if you still have your period then don't even wait just go for it!!

What does it mean when your period just stop?

Ur pregnant

If you stop taking your birth control because you think you're pregnant should you get your period?

If you're pregnant, then you won't get your period

What to do about missing my period?

After missing your period you should go for a pregnant test to reveal if you are pregnant or not.

Is there a way to make your period stop?

Get pregnant, you won't have a period through the pregnancy, or get a hysterectomy.

Do you always have a last period after conception?

No. When you get pregnant, periods stop.

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