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Some women still have periods while pregnant but it is not common.

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Q: Can you be pregnant but still have normal periods?
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If you have had 2 normal periods is there a chance you could still be pregnant i have some symptoms....?

If you had two normal periods , the chances of you getting pregnant are very little.

Is it possible to be pregnant but still get your period?

there are an unfortunate few that have normal periods while pregnant

Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

If your periods arent normal does that mean you cant get pregnant?

No, you can definitely get pregnant. I go 4 to 5 months without periods and I just found out I am pregnant. You can still ovulate even if you don't have a period. Good luck if you're trying to get pregnant.. if not, make sure you are still careful!!

Your periods are irregular after given birth is this normal?

It can take months for your periods get back to normal, especially if you are breast feeding you can miss periods or have long times between them. You can still get pregnant while breast feeding and having irregular periods though so you should still use contraception.

Can you get pregnant with the contraceptive implant and still have periods?

can you get pregnant when your on the implant and still have periods

Can you still become pregnant if you have been on the pill for months and take it at the exact time everyday and have had a normal period?

If you are having regular periods, odds are, you aren't pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant even though you have abnormal periods?

Hello. Yes you can still get pregnant with irregular periods.

Can you become pregnant immediately after your periods?

That is rare. But it is possible to get pregnant that way. You are advised to watch for the periods. It is very less likely that you are pregnant, if you get normal periods. Still it it advisable to get the urine pregnancy test done weekly after due date of periods. You should do it for two weeks even after you get periods to be very sure.

Can you have three heavy periods and still be pregnant?

No you can't as when you are pregnant your periods stop for the time you are pregnant

Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?

you can still have periods and still be pregnant

Are late periods on birth control normal?

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

If condom broke but your period started 2 weeks later could you still be pregnant?

It sounds like it broke on exactly the right day to get you pregnant. however if your periods started as normal you are probably OK, However it is not unheard of that the periods started even while pregnant.

Is it normal to have periods while you are pregnant?

No, it is not normal. You should consult a doctor.

Can you be pregnant and still have your periods?


Can you still have periods if you are pregnant?


Can you have a baby if you finish your periods?

Yes you can still get pregnant after you periods.

Could there still be a chance of being pregnant if he ejaculated inside you during ovulation and than later that month you got your normal period?

yes, I had 3 periods while i was first pregnant

What does it mean when you Miss your period for 2 months and still going through puberty is it normal?

When you are just beginning to get periods (first few years) you may miss a few. It is completely normal. The only other thing is, if you miss periods, you could be pregnant (if you have had sex obviously!) If you havent, its normal

You are still getting your period and you are pregnant?

not possible, you either get your periods or you are pregnant (you don't get periods anymore through out pregnancy)

If you had normal periods for passed two months and then stopped menstruating can you still be pregnant?

The normal way is that the menstruation will stop one day. It can happen that women have their periods longer. To be sure get a pregnancy test or see your doc, but I don´t see why you shouldn´t be pregnant any more. If you would have had an abort, you ure would have noticed that.

Your periods are regular but im still not getting pregnant?

You are pregnant when they stop...

Can you be pregnant after having two normal periods?

some women have their periods throughout the whole pregnancy. get tested!

Is it possible to be 9 weeks pregnant and still have periods and negative test results?

No, periods would not still occur, though pregnancy could (and should) be validated using quantitative bHCG blood tests as part of normal pre-natal care which you should be receiving.

Can you still start your periods when your pregnant?

yes you can.