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Can you be pregnant even if your having symptoms jus like your pms such as sore breast?


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Hello. Yes you can be pregnant hun. Early pregnancy symptoms DO feel like PMS. Wait till your period is late and do a pregnancy test. If its negative, see your doctor for a blood test.

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Even in the presence of bleeding, you could still be pregnant.

Yes. My lord, how can so many people be SO uninformed?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you don't have nipples.

Yes. The mind is a very powerful thing. It can trick you into having symptoms and thinking you are pregnant.

There is a very slight chance. With pregnancy, there are always exceptions to everything.

Breasts becoming smaller and less sore are not pregnancy symptoms but having a late or missed period is. I would recommend that you take a pregnancy test to be sure so if you are pregnant you can get started on prenatal care as soon as possible.

It depends on the person but even at three weeks you can have all of the very common pregnancy symptoms:Missed period, Breast Tenderness, Fullness Feeling in your Stomach, and Breast Swelling.I hope I helped!

yes, my auntie was still having her periods and didnt know that she was pregnant till she noticed symptoms like milk leaking boobs enlargement etc.

Yes, a woman can produce breastmilk, even if not pregnant.

the symptoms of being pregnant even if you have your period are tenderness, pain and swelling in your breast which is absolutley awful then you have very bad cramping in your lower abdomen and you dont bleed as much as you would if you were doing a normal cycle and you get to pee a lot so if you are congrats but Good Luck :)

YES!!!!! My wife when she gets pregnant she has no symptoms at all she even get her time of the month up to the 8th month so get checked.

yes it is possible to be pregnant even tho you are still having periods you better do a pregnancy test or visit your gp asap

Some women have symptoms from around the day of their missed period, others seem to have no symptoms at all and don't even realise they are pregnant.

Even if you are breast feeding and you do get pregnant , you can know by the morning sickness and the urine test report if you are pregnant or not.

I'm no expert but i have been reading alot about symptoms of pregnancy. it could be that your pregnant. some times there is some bleeding even if your pregnant. best to talk to your doctor though

A pregnant woman will experience changes in her breast size and sensitivity. There may be other symptoms like morning sickness, back aches and fatigue. Normally the menstrual cycle will stop, but some women continue to have a menstrual cycle even though they are pregnant.

Yes. YES, one can be pregnant and not have any symptoms . I was two months when I found out I was pregnant and didn't have any symptoms not even a missed period. One day I went to the doctor for a regular checkup and the doctor told me I was pregnant.

No it takes about 3 days to get pregnant and then it takes even longer to get symptoms.

yes it is possible to know your are pregnant and didnt take a test yet.. you can get symptoms of being pregnant when you are like 4 weeks and not even took the test yet. i have been having that feelin for a min now

there are alot of pregnancy symptoms, it is possible that one may experience some and not all. but it is never possible for anyone not to experience even one of the symptoms. if you are pregnant you will definantly experience at least a symptom of pregnancy. if not anything, you'll experience the bloating of the abdomen and tenderness of breast. these are constant actually it is possible to experence no pregnancy symptoms for the first few months.but after that the symptoms would start to come in.especially breast tenderness on account they enlarge as soon as six weeks.

No. Breast milk is only produced by hormones in the body after a baby is born.

Yes. Even if you don't have the typical symptoms of pregnancy, you can still be pregnant.

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