Subdermal Contraceptive Implants

Can you be pregnant if on implanon and haven't had a period in 3 months and have milk coming out of your breasts?


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2014-10-10 23:48:13
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It's unlikely that you're pregnant on the contraceptive implant. Take a home pregnancy test if you have symptoms of pregnancy.

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Yes, if you're not using birth control, you can get pregnant, even before your first post-implant period.

theres a chance you can be pregnant so take a test ASAP ! i havent had mine in 3months nd i found out im pregnant

Take a pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant while on the contraceptve implant. The implant does not affect the results of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is very rare on the contraceptive implant and spotting and flutters are not signs of pregnancy.

Honestly if you have had sex anything is possible but pregnancy symptoms can be like your period bloating,cramping,breasts being sore. i suggest you wait and see what happens if you have more symptoms or miss your period or have an abnormal one and still think that you might be pregnant get a test and see it never hurts to get a test.

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