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I would say you probably aren't pregnant because you have had your period and home tests are negative. But just to be sure you should go see a doctor. They will be able to give you a blood test and answer your questions better. you. Good luck!

i disagree. you never said that you had your period. everyone is different. not everyone has the exact same symptoms at the exact same time. i would wait another week then test again. the levels of hcg may not be strong enough to detect yet!

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Q: Can you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms but the tests are negative?
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Can you still be pregnant after 4 negative urine tests if you have all the symptoms of early pregnancy?

if there is any chance that you think that you are pregnant but tests keep showing negative then you should go see a gp asap.

Can you be pregnant if the home test is negative but you have all the symptoms?

Home tests are not perfect; there are "false positives" and "false negatives".

You have Pregnancy symptoms but you are not due to start until the 26th and the tests came back negative can you still be pregnant?

Yes you could still be pregnant. Tests come back negative all the time. I would take another test, or i would go to the doctor. You may not be, but the tests can be wrong.

You have all the symptoms of pregnancy you have a 6mos daughter and have not have a period in over a year and a half but all your home pregnancy tests are negative are you pregnant?

You could be pregnant, but if I were you, I'd go straight to my doctor.

You are 8 days late have taken numerous pregnancy tests all negative you have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy Could you be pregnant?

there could be a chance that u are pregnant. my best friend took up to 5 pregnancy tests and they all said negative, but she was still having symptoms of being pregnant. so she scheduled a Dr's appt and they confirmed that she was. so i would suggest going to see your Dr.

Can you still be pregnant if 3 pregnancy tests have all been negative?

i know i took two tests and i was pregnant

When you get a negative blood test for pregnancy but you have all the symptoms is it possible to be pregnant?

Yes, however not very likely. Blood tests are 99.9% acurate. Blood tests are less acurate before pregnancy effects the body, but at that point there wouldn't be "symptoms" either.

Your period is almost 3 weeks late you had all symptoms of approaching period but your period never came and symptoms went away numerous pregnancy tests are negative can you still be pregnant?

It is possible to still be pregnant however it's unlikely after numerous tests are taken. The best bet would be to try different kinds of pregnant tests or simply go to a clinic to find out for sure.

Could you still be pregnant if you missed your period and have had two negative ept tests but you have no pregnancy symptoms except that you still don't have your period?

Yes. Wait a few days or even a week and take another test. yes there is. i got pregnant but never had any symptoms and took some pregnancy tests they all came out negative. i would go see ur doc.

You missed two periods and having stomach pains but took three pregnancy tests and are negative.?

You can be sure that you are not pregnant as all three tests were negative.

Could you still be pregnant if you have taken two tests but both were negative and you are still five days late?

yes, the same thing has happened to me i took a couple of home pregnancy tests and all were negative but I still had symptoms of pregnancy so I went to the doctors and took a urine test and turns out I'm pregnant. good luck! Me too. My sister-in-law actually took 4 tests and all were negative. She gave birth to her 4th boy!

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and no period but the home pregnancy test was negative Could I be pregnant?

Well, since you have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and no period, you could be pregnant! But since your home pregnancy test was negative you couldn't be pregnant. You may want to go to your doctor and ask him if you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period lasted only 3 days and you have symptoms but all pregnancy tests are negative?

You are probably NOT pregnant. Sometimes my periods are two days, once it was FOURTEEN! If you are still concerned, you should go to a doctor.

Can you be pregnant if you have missed your period for a month and had spotting the month after if you have all the pregnancy symptoms but home pregnancy tests say negative?

You just may be pregnant. The only real way to tell is to go to a doctor and tell them that exactly.

Could you be pregnant if you are trying to conceive and have all the pregnancy symptoms but had a very short period?

If you have all the symptoms take a test. If negative you are not pregnant. Otherwise see a doctor.All the best!

What if you have the symptoms of being pregnant but you are not?

U probly r, if u hav all the symptoms...pregnancy tests CAN, and hav been wrong.....

Could you be pregnant if your period is two months late you have no pregnancy symptoms and you have several negative pregnancy tests?

sadly, some women do get pregnant with no symptoms of it at all. you're so lucky. unless there's a chance something else caused it like birth control pills. and pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. i truly admire your sense of hope.

Could you be pregnant after 3 missed menstrual cycles and one negative blood test and several negative urine tests?

I'd have to say NO. It would be very unlikely as the blood tests are VERY reliabe. Even more so than the preg tests. I'm having the same symptoms, only difference is I'm having all the symptoms of pregnancy. Yet I'm feeling really gassy.

Could you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms of pregnancy for 3 weeks and still going but still got your period which was lighter than usual and on and off and the home tests are negative?

No! That is just wishful thinking!

Can you have your period 2 days early and be pregnant It seems like i have been having symptoms but idk. I took a few pregnancy test and they all said negative and I started my period 2 days early?

Some symptoms for pregnancy and menstruation are similar. If you now got your period, and sometimes it's late/early, and all the tests said negative, it doesn't sound like you are pregnant. You can take new tests in a few days though when you period is over.

Is it normal to be 6 weeks pregnant and take 5 home tests and they all be negative but still be pregnant?

if you have been confirmed as pregnant by the doctor - it is still possible in these early stages of pregnancy for tests to come back negative, i would check with the doctor to be sure.

If you have missed four periods and are having all the symptoms of being pregnant but four pregnancy test came back negative is it possible that you are pregnant?

Pregnancy tests are 99.5% correct. If there is no other reason for you to miss a period you need to see a doctor.

If you have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative but you still have all of the symptoms of being pregnant could you be pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, there are many reasons that they can read falsely. Visit a doctor and have a proper lab test done for more accurate results. That said, it is possible to have some symptoms of pregnancy, without being pregnant.

Iam on Mirena have been for a year but now Iam two months late having all the pregnant symptoms I have taken one blood test and two at home all came out negative could I still end up pregnant though?

It's possible to get pregnant on Mirena, but rare. Your pregnancy tests are negative. Absent periods are a normal side effect of Mirena.

Can you be pregnant if test is negative and i still have all pregnant symptoms?

There are two types of pregnancy tests. One is bought at a pharmacy and is done searching for hormones in your urine. Another is usually demanded by a doctor, using a quick blood test, that also measures the ammount of specific hormones in your blood. If both these tests turn up negative, there is no pregnancy. Your symptoms might then be psychosomatic or in other words, something your mind through expectation of the pregnant symptom, forces upon your body. Through medical proof that you are not pregnant, those should subside.