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Possibly - take a test

2007-11-18 20:48:23
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If veins become visible on the breasts does it mean you are pregnant or could it be caused by something else?

Veins on the breast can be a symptom of pregnancy... it was for all of mine very early on. I don't know what else may cause that so whether you are pregnant or not you should probably contact your doctor about it.

Can you be pregnant if the only symptoms you have are blue veins on breasts?

Unlikely. There are a lot of other signs and symptoms that come way before blue veins on your breasts. Blue veins just mean that you have thin/fair skin and can see the veins through it.

You have had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins and have had discomfort in your abdomen pregnancy tests all negative period stopped what could it be?

You've had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins? Why have you not seen a doctor about it?

Sore breasts with veins showing but still getting period Can you be pregnant?

Nope. If you are still getting your period, you are absolutely and definitely NOT pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have tender breasts and buttock cramps and throbbing veins in your legs and very large veins under the skin on your breasts when your nipples are erect?

yes If you are FEmale, than yes... If you are male... I would see a doctor.

If you have yellow skin tone but have Blue spider veins visible on your upper breasts at the pale whitish portion also blue veins at my temples and wrists is it a sign of weak genes or sickness?


What could cause green veins around your breasts?

It is just that mammary ducts are visible and may have been due to excessive breastfeeding.

Visible veins in breast?

Visible veins in the breast simply means you are experiencing engorgement.

Does the veins in your breasts become more noticeable when you are pregnant?

Yes. Mine started to become noticeable at about my third month, but everybody is different.

If you can see blue veins clearly in both your breasts and even underneath them is that a sign of pregnancy?

Veiny breasts is a sign of pregnancy yes. But some womens breast skin is finer than others and veins are more noticeable. If this is new for you and you have missed a period, yes you could be pregnant.

Do the veins in your breasts start to show more before your period?

It is highly possible that your veins will show. Before your period, hormones cause your breasts to swell which can lead to more pronounced veins.

What are the sysmptoms of being pregnant when your two months into the pregnancy?

Some symptoms are: -swelling of hands and feet -varicose veins -constipations -heart burn -indigestion -bloating -flatulence -heavier breasts -goose bumps on the areola -slight whitish vaginal discharge -waistline expansion -chance in size of the uterus

Your not pregnant you are a Virgin and you have blue spider veins around your B cup breasts you are not overweight but often the Blue Veins on top of your hand and feet popout enlarged whats wrong?

Veins will appear blue. Don't confuse this with spider veins. They will often pop out on the hands and feet if you have been doing heavy lifting (hands and feet) or running or jumping a lot (feet). There is likely nothing wrong. If you don't like the blue veins around your breasts then get a tan.

What causes the veins in your hand to become more visible?

The veins are closer to the surface.

How are the top and underside of a leaf different?

the top side is normally brighter with semi-visible veins. the underside is normally darker with very visible veins.

Are dark blue veins on your breasts a sign of pregnancy?

If you know you are pregnant and have dark blue veins that is quite normal. If that is the only sign you have, you may not be pregnant as it is just a sign of increased blood flow, this could be for many reasons. I don't know how old this is but that isn't true. Having blue veins was my first sign of being pregnant with my first two kids. That was my positive test for me. So take a test and see what you get. Good luck and KUP.

Could you be pregnant these are your symptoms you are 6 days late your breasts are hurting really bad you see blue veins popping out a little you have cravings and been dizzy your knees are weak?

I would definitely say you are pregnant! Congrats! yes you could be pregnant. do a pregnancy test.

Why might a person's arm veins be popping out?

If a persons veins are out or visible it usually represents good circulation.

Is there any other explanation for your breasts to be sore tender darkening of the areolas from the outer lining inward your veins are dark blue and look like they are protruding other than pregnant?

Take a test

Why are arteries and veins not visible inside the brain?

The skull is in the way

Your breasts have little pink veins where your nipple leads what does this mean?

it's normal

Why are veins darker in colour than arteries?

Veins are not actually darker than arteries. In fact, on dissection, veins and arteries are both a whitish color. The reason that they are more visible is because there are larger veins that are located closer to the surface of the skin than arteries. Veins also tend to have thinner walls, making the blood inside them more visible.

Why are your arm veins so visible?

Because you have little fat to cover it, and the muscle pushes it up, which makes it visible.

What does it mean if the veins on a persons arms are bulging?

Veins are more visible when the person's BMI is lower, since they have less fat.

During a blood transfusion why is blood taken from the veins?

Most probably take blood from the veins because they are easily visible.