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Can you be psychic?

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Every person has psychic ability but most do not try to enhace this ability through years of practice. So yes all humans can be psychic.

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How do you use psychic in a sentence?

Sometimes, I think that I am psychic. If you're so psychic, why aren't you a millionaire? Psychic is as psychic does. A psychic told me so.

Is everyone psychic?

No. Actually everyone is not psychic, in the sense that nobody is psychic. So-called psychic abilities are not real.

Is there a book I can purchase that will help me on a psychic test?

If you are psychic you are psychic and there really is no way to read up on it or study. Being psychic is a feeling and a instinct and no quiz will really tell you if you are psychic.

Are parrots psychic?

No, parrots are not psychic.

Would you say a psychic that told them or a psychic who told them?

Either or, but "psychic who told them" is more proper. The psychic is a person, so 'who' is preferred.

What moves should Alakazam learn?

Abra 2 - 16 Teleport Abra evolves into Kadabra at 16 16 - Confusion - Psychic 18 - Disable - Normal 22 - Miracle Eye - Psychic 24 - Psybeam - Psychic 28 - Refect - Psychic 30 - Recover - Normal 34 - Psycho Cut - Psychic 36 - Role Play - Psychic 40 - Psychic - Psychic 42 Future Sight - Psychic 46 - Trick - Psychic

What type of Pokemon is Abra?

psychic psychic

Can you summon hyper psychic blaster if your tuner is a psychic?

No,it can be any tuners,but the materials has to be psychic-types

Is Bethea Jenner a honest psychic and real?

Apparently she is not a psychic, and is renowned for various psychic scams.

What is a sentence with psychic?

It is widely claimed that we all have some psychic powers.

Where can one find more information on phone psychic readings?

Information on psychic readings carried out over the telephone is abundant online. Try the Psychic Living, Psychic Source and Psychic Sofa for extensive advice.

How would you use psychic as a sentence?

This guys claiming to be a psychic says he can talk to the ghosts of Napoleon and Aristotle. A psychic will sometimes do palm readings. How do you know if you are psychic?

How do you find a psychic in a phone book?

Surely if you wanted a psychic they would know and contact you. If they were really psychic.

Where may one find psychic tarot readings in Los Angeles CA?

There are many psychic tarot readers in Los Angeles. One could choose from; Melrose Psychic Readings, Hollywood Psychic Gallery, Los Feliz Psychic, Psychic Centre and Judy Hevenly.

What kills psychic Pokemon?

what is evective agenst psychic

Is psychic ability true?

psychic ability is true

Can kids a psychic powers?

Can kids have psychic powers?

What is the chance of you being psychic?

Being Psychic is hereditary.

How do you spell psychic?

That is the correct spelling of the word "psychic".

What does psychic disequilibrium mean?

The opposite of psychic equilibrium.

What type of certification is needed to become a psychic?

There is no actual certification needed to become a psychic. People don't generally become a psychic, they either possess the psychic ability or do not.

Where can one go to receive online psychic readings?

Online psychic readings can be found at Astrology Net, Psychic Living, Online Psychic Chat, Love Tarot Reading, Psychic Chat Free and Love Psychics 101.

How did you become psychic?

You already are psychic. You need to first develop your inner psychic. See- for more information.

What are psychic type pokemon weak against?

psychic type pokemon are weak against psychic steel and dark

What level does lapras learn psychic?

Lapras cannot learn psychic by natural means. It can learn TM29- Psychic.