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Can you become a jedi and use the force?

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The Jedi Knights are a wholly fictional concept of the writers of Star Wars. they do not exist in real life.

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Can general grievous use the force?

NO because he had to much hate in him to become a jedi

What is a Jedi in training called?

The lowest rank of jedi is a youngling, they are taught to control the force and use a light saber. After that they become a padawan, then a jedi knight, then a jedi master, then a jedi council member, and lastly a jedi grand master.

Did chewbacca become a force ghost?

No because he is not a Jedi

Can leia use the force?

Yes, because she is a Jedi. When Luke created the New Jedi Order, he trained Leia in lightsaber combat and on using the Force

How can you use the force like a jedi?

You cannot. It is a fantasy story.

How do you force jump on Lego starwars?

Become a Jedi knight and press jump twice

Who trained who on Star Wars?

Yoda trains the jedi so that they become one with the force

Can you be a jedi?

You can't be a Jedi as in use the Force, but you can behave like one, by being kind, generous, caring, protective, and peacemaking.

Can you track Jedi to take you to where they are?

yes use the force like luke

Do Jedi have to use force to hold down the button on a lightsaber?

No, they don't. Once you flip a switch it is on. Some Jedi (or anyone who can use the force) build their lightsaber with the switch on the inside of the lightsaber so no one can use their own weapon on them without opening themselves in the force.

Who would win in a fight super man or a Jedi?

The Jedi, they would be able to use the force on Superman before he even got to them.

Did dooku have lightnign force as a jedi?

No, Jedi typically do not use lightning. Dooku learned this skill after he embraced the ways of the dark side.

What force drives wind and ocean currents?

You must become a Jedi to really understand this question.

What is a Jedi warrior?

There is no "Jedi Warrior," exactly. The closest class of Jedi I could find for you is a Force Warrior, a Jedi specially trained to fight using only the Force, and not lightsabers.

How do use a force?

Connect with your enter self concntrate and just use it for the ways of the sith or jedi

Are you a jedi?

use the forceYou're probably not a Jedi, but there are many people who have registered their religions as Jedi, and there's nothing wrong with following the basic principles of being a Jedi. You may find that using the force is beyond your power, but never give up...If you want to know how many wikianswers users think they are Jedis, then look below. If you are looking at this answer, add your Jedi status to the list:Elilie is NOT a Jedi, as far as she knows.Joe MIGHT BE a Jedi. He doesn't think so though.Rebecca is a jediSam is almost a Jedi. He is still developing his skills with the force.

Does princess Leia have the force?

Yes she does. In fact, some years after "Return of the Jedi," Luke Skywalker made a new Jedi Order and he trained Leia to become a Jedi. And Leia and Han's 3 kids (Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin) were Jedi as well

What does 'padawan' mean in Star Wars?

In the Star Wars Series the term ‘Padawan’ refers to Jedi in training or a Jedi apprentice who is sensitive to the force and is in training to become a Jedi Knight.

Is jedi mind tricks white?

I'm assuming by white you mean light as in the light side of the force. And the answer to that is kind of it isn't an "evil" force power and jedi can use it, but sith can also use this force ability as well. Unless you're referring to the band, Jedi Mind Tricks, in which case yes, in fact, I believe he is an Italian man.

Can Jedi use force choke?

Yes, in the books it is not a defined "force power" but instead an option of their telekinetic ability.

How do you beat the jedi trials in force unleashed?

You never are a Jedi in the game.

How does one become a Jedi?

He or she has to have a high number of midi-chlorians, which are microscopic-size livings that live inside cells and are what give Jedi their connection to the Force. There have been a few Jedi that lost their power due to the death of their midi-chlorians.

How do Jedi make lightsabers?

Kyloias: The Jedi use the blue or green Adigan Crystals, then surround it with the Force power which makes the wires then force and lock together two small cylinders and screw on the button.

What force causes your shoes to wear out?

The jedi force

What is the name for a trainee Jedi?

Jedi start out as a child that gets taken to the jedi acadamy. They are then taken to tranning in classes. They are at this time cald younglings or learners(This is what you would call a trainee Jedi). Then they are taken as a apprentice of a master jedi they are called Padawans. Then the padawans then have to take trials to become a jedi knight. If they show there skill in the force they are to be a jedi master which the High council is made up of. Com. Cody

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