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No you can't just use mods instead.

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Q: Can you become an epic in spore without a mod?
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How do you be an epic on spore without downloading the mod?

you cant

How do you be an epick creacher on spore?

There is no possible way to become an epic without using a mod. There is one located at:

How do you be a spore epic?

You can if you get a mod for it :)

Can you play as an epic creature on spore?

download nineballfools mod or go to my website

What is the epic cheat for spore?

no you simply cannot Well at least if you don't use the mod. There is no cheat though. To get The mod I think the website is

How do you be a epic in spore?

you can`t you can only befreind themunless theres some mod or cheat code i haven`t heard of

In spore How can you swim in the sea without being eaten?

Use a mod.

What would happen if on spore creature stage a spaceship uses a epicsizer on you?

You'd probly turn into an epic, however that could never happen science all spaceships can do in creature stage is abduct animals. But there is a mod that will allow you to be an epic in creature stage.

Does the spore show achievements mod works with spore galactic adventures?

Yes, Yes it does.

How Can you become a werewolf on oblivon?

you cant in oblivion without a mod

Do spore mods work?

Yes spore mods do work. You can find the largest list of spore mods here:

Can you get the dancing with the devils badge and the badge out of heck in spore?

You can get the dancing with the devils badge, but you cannot get badge outta heck without a mod. If you want to get them in the same game, you could get the mod, friend them, then destroy them. But otherwise you can do it in two different games.