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Actually yes you can. Some people have a third vein running down the middle of their tongue and when one gets a tongue piercing it is done in the middle of the tongue. So when the needle pierces it it will bleed more than tongues w/o that third vein would. But you can still get a tongue piercing if you have that 3rd vein. All professional piercers know how to control bleeding. It's in their training

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Can you bleed to death by piercing the vein in your tongue?

It is possible, but the piercer (if properly trained) looks above & below your tongue before sticking the needle it. He or she will let you know if the piercing cannot be performed.

Does tongue piercing bleed?

Not often and if so very little.

Is it normal for a tongue piercing to bleed and pus on the third day?

The tongue piercing should be swollen but shouldn't bleed after the initial piercing, i have mine doe and its never bled since the initial piercing and it has never being pussy. I would get it checked out just in case.

Can you die from a tongue piercing infection?

Yes severe infection from tongue piercing can cause death

How do you pierce your tongue with only a barbell?

YOU DON'T. How in the heck would you shove such a blunt and wide bar through your tongue? Piercing your own tongue is a horrible idea. You could hit an artery and bleed to death. Go to a professional

What does a tongue piercing mean?

A tongue piercing is a type of body piercing in which the tongue is pierced.

What is tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing is a piercing through the tongue or any part of the tongue, including the web underneath.

What do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing?

what do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing"

What is a tongue frenulum piercing?

piercing of the under part of the tongue

Is a tongue ring a genital piercing?

No. A genital piercing includes any piercing on or around your genitals. Not your tongue.

Does tongue piercing cause cancer?

No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

Does tongue piercing damage teeth?

A tongue piercing does not damage the teeth unless the actual metal piercing rubs against or touches the tongue many times.

Why is tongue piercing riskier than body piercing?

because there is the risk of hitting an artery in your tongue and bleeding out. An experienced piercer will have no problem with a tongue piercing though.

What is a tongue piercing for?

some people get tongue piercing for designs and others get it for sexual reasons

How can you pierce your own tongue without using a piercing kit?

I Recommend You Do NOT Even Think About Piercing This Your Self, This Piercing Especially Should Be Done By Professional ONLY. The Tongue Is A Very Important Muscle In Your Body, There Are 2 Main Vains Below Your Tongue, If Either Of These Are Hit This Will Cause You To Bleed Heavily And Possibly Become Paralised So Think Twice Before You Think Of Doing This.

Were does tongue piercing go?

The tongue piercing is usually placed about an inch back from the tip of the tongue, directly through the centre.

What is the meaning of a toungue piercing?

There is no "deep" meaning to tongue piercing, it's a pierced tongue.... no meaning just a pierced tongue.

Is there an tongue piercing shop in neath?

If there is a regular tattoo/piercing shop, they'll pierce your tongue.

Which piercing hurts more your tongue or your nose?

Your tongue. The tongue is a muscle, whereas the nose is built from cartilage. Also, a clamp is used in piercing the tongue, and the piercing bar is much wider. These are both very uncomfortable.

If you have anaemia can you get a piercing?

Yes, you don't bleed a lot when you get a piercing.

What to do when you have tongue decay after tongue piercing?

since the metal in the piercing is filled with iron the iron will irritate the tongue therefore causing the tongue to swell and turn yellow

Tongue piercing use?

Tongue + Barbell = Tongue Piercing Tongue piercing: a piercing in the center of the tongue located approximately 3/4" from the tip of the tongue through the connective tissue joining the two muscle groups that form the tongue. Used as a means of self expression or a personal statement, some times used to enhance sexual pleasure for either gender.

When piercing your tongue where do they pierce it at?

In the hands of a professional body piercer the piercing will be located in the center line of the tongue. Your piercer will know where to do the piercing, leave it to them.

What is the purpose of a tongue piercing?

There is no purpose for a tongue piercing (or any other piercing) aside from aesthetics. People think they look good, so they get them.

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