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Can you breed Castform in Pokemon Ruby?


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You can maybe two castforms (trading) or have a castform that's a female and find something compatible:Bannete, Dusclops, Duskull, Gardevoir, Gastly, Gengar, Grimer, Gulpin, Haunter, Kirlia, Koffing, Magcargo, Misdreavus, Muk, Ralts, Shuppet, Slugma, Swalot, Weezing, or Wobuffet


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You can breed a Castform with a Ditto, that's for sure.

If you breed with a list of Pokemon (which includes Muk) then you can get a baby castform.

you can migrate it from ruby or sapphire that's what i did

you have to migrate it from Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald but then you can breed it with ditto and get as many as you want if you have not beat the game try aaction replay code for 999 rare candys sorry hoped i helped if you want ill trade you a level 100 castform

Groudon Rayquazza vaporeon Alakazam Gyrados Castform

Castform is a Normal type pokemon.

Castform does not learn Thunder as it levels up. Thunder is a TM that you can teach it. (In Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, or Saphire, you can get Thunder in the Lilycove Department Store.)

Psyduck can breed with psyduck, I think

Yes, you can breed any Pokemon on any of the Pokemon games, except the legendary Pokemon.

if it has a gender, breed it with a ditto then you will get a castform egg. If no gender, you can't breed it at all and don't even try because it won't work.

Castform can only breed with the following Pokemon.Banette, Chimecho, Ditto, Dusclops, Duskull, Gardevoir, Grimer, Gulpin, Kirlia, Koffing, Magcargo, Muk, Ralts, Shuppet, Slugma, Swalot, Wheezing, Wobbuffet. They must be opposite genders also.

You can find the Pokemon Castform in the Trophy Garden in Pokemon Diamond, although it is a pretty rare chance.

You can't, you have to breed Pikachu.

You can't get Castform in SoulSliver without trading or migrating.

castform is a Pokemon in the hoenn region.its a small white Pokemon whose look changes depening on the current weather(sunny-fire,hail-ice,rain-water).you can only get ONE by rescuing the weather institute from team magma or team aqua in ruby,sapphire,and mystery dungeon,castform is a recruitable Pokemon on mt faraway. he is a Pokemon who does not evolve but he changes into odd shapes when the weather changes in a battle.

Breed two Jigglypuffs Male/Female

You can't. Not even with a Gameshark.

You can't breed treecko until it evolves to grovle or sceptile.

breed it with another cradily or a diddo. thank you for reading i hope you get what you need. BLUEBERRY SIGHING OFF.

You can not combine Pokemon in any game. you can combine digimon and you can breed Pokemon. I hope this has helped

Yes, you can breed with Pokemon from different regions, just as long as those Pokemon are in the same game at the same time. For example, you can breed a Pokemon FireRed Ditto with a Pokemon Ruby Mareep, just as long as the Ditto and Mareep are in the same region at the same time.

after you beat the the bad people in the weather institute in ruby emerald or sapphire one of the good people will give you a castform.

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