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Box Turtles are land turtles and mate on land and Sliders are water turtles and mate in the water, so this would never happen and if it did, they would not be able "procreate" (have young). A Red Eared Slider can only procreate with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Bellied Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle, other than a similar species of water turtle like a Painted Turtle or maybe a Map Turtle. A Slider probably would not try to mate with a Soft Shell Turtle or a Snapping Turtle even though they live in the same water or any species of land turtle like a Box Turtle because they would not recognize it as a possible mate. When a Red Eared Slider tries to mate with a Yellow Bellied Slider, it is because its instincts are telling it that based on size, shape, and mating displays and behaviors, etc., it is another Red Eared Turtle. Interestingly, Red Eared Sliders and Yellow Bellied Sliders rages currently overlap and where they do there is a lot of unsuccessful mating going on between the two species but they cannot procreate. That is part of the "definition" of a separate species. There are very few species of land turtles in the Eastern Box turtle's Range that it could mistake for another Box Turtle and try to mate with. For much of its range the only other land turtle around would be the Wood Turtle (AKA: Red Legged Turtle) and they are not very similar.

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Can you breed a red ear slider and a pastel red ear slider?

Yes you can, they are both variations of the same type of turtle. Just the same you can breed them to the albino.

How can you tell what kind of turtle it is?

If the Ear has a long red spot on the side of it's head it is a red ear slider If the shell is a squared it is a box turtle

Does a red eared slider turtle have a voice?

Do red ear slider turtle have a voice

How long can you hold a red eared slider turtle?

You can hold a red ear slider for about 10 to 15 min.

Can you hold a red ear slider turtle?

You can. You just have to wash your hands after your done.

Where can you find a red ear slider turtle?

They are mostly found in an pet shop

How many baby red eared slider turtles do mothers have?

A Red Ear Slider Turtle mama an have 10-13.

Will slider turtle eat goldfish?

Yes. My red ear slider turtles love to chase, catch and eat goldfish.

Can you keep a red ear slider as a pet?

Of course! A red eared slider is the most common pet turtle in America!

What happen if a red ear slider turtle egg stays in water?

It dont matter what kind of turtle is it...if they stay in the water; the turtle will not form and therefor it will not hatch.

Why does your red ear slider turtle bite itself?

Probably he/she is biting off its shedding-skin.

Can goldfish live with red ear slider turtles?

Yes until the turtle gets hungry!

How often will a red ear slider turtle lay eggs?

Once a year................. If they find a mate

Where does a red ear slider turtle live?

In freshwater, such as warm marshes of Florida. They love the sun.

How do you tell if your red ear slider turtle is a boy?

it has a long thing appending out of its genital area!

Is a red ear slider turtle a snapping turtle?

The short answer is no the snapping turtle is called Chelydridae follow this link for more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelydridae

How large does a red ear slider turtle get?

They get about 10-12 inch and a great place to buy them is at TurtleShack.com.

Can red ear slider eat raisin?

I bet they can. but it might not be good for them why not just feed them turtle pellets?

What will happen if you put a baby false map turtle in a tank with an adult red eared slider?

what will happen is that the baby false map turtle will get along with the red ear slider .B ut it will just take a will.

How does a red ear slider turtle mate?

When a mommy turtle and daddy turtle love each other very much... dad mounts mom from behind and disperses his seed

Can red ear slider survive in outside pond in winter?

Yes a turtle can survive in an outside pond in winter.

How long does it take for a red ear slider turtle to grow?

I don't really know but I believe about five years

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