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I believe you can. I had an estimate to fibreglass line my pool which was previously lined with vinyl. The tech came out and said they would take the liner out, prepare the surface and coat. There was never any talk of excavating the pool.

QUESTION about the above. WHO gave you the estimate, and did you have it done?

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Q: Can you build a new pool with a vinyl liner or fiberglass inside an existing concrete pool that has seen better days without excavating the old concrete?
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Can you drain a fiberglass in ground swimming pool?

No!!! Under no circumstances should you drain a fiberglass in-ground pool. Unlike the standard in-ground pool, the fiberglass pool base is unreinforced concrete or other hard surface material that was applied directly to the soil in a thin layer. It is only there to allow the fiberglass to be sprayed on and form a hard shell. The weight of the water is what holds the fiberglass in place. If you drain the pool without refilling it immediately, you will allow external ground pressures and/or ground water to buckle the sides or bottom and you will have the fiberglass completely redone.

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What is type of swimming pool has the easiest maintenance?

Inground concrete or fiberglass are the easiest pools to maintain. When you get into synthetic materials like vinyl and plastic, it's harder to find chemicals that will do the work without damaging the pool.

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The main difference between a foam and a fiberglass surfboard is in their strength. Fiberglass has many layers which give it increased durability without increasing weight significantly.

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What is advantage of fiberglass pool in Florida?

In my opinion, none! Stick with Marcite. I completely disagree. With 19 years experience in the restoration of older swimming pools, I have learned that fiberglass swimming pools are the best of the best. My business is limited to older pools, so my expertise is in swimming pool longevity, therefor my answer is: If you expect to own the pool for more than 15 years, and if you can afford a gunite, concrete, or fiberglass pool, you should definitely choose fiberglass. On the other hand, if price is the issue, you should choose a vinyl liner pool which will cost about half that of gunite, concrete, or fiberglass. Unfortunately, when you decide to sell, a vinyl liner pool will actually detract from the value of the home. On a geographical basis, Florida is a great place for a fiberglass swimming pool, but so are the rest of the Continental United States. Location does not matter, regardless of what you may read in these forums. The only thing that does matter is that you never empty the pool without professional assistance. The same rule applies to vinyl liner pools. The only advantage to gunite and concrete pools is that you can usually get away with emptying the pool without help. But even concrete and gunite pools can be seriously damaged if the pool is emptied without consideration for hydrostatic pressure. Just like construction of a gunite, concrete, or vinyl liner pool is quite important, so is the installation of a fiberglass pool. It is not a DIY project for most people. Another important factor with fiberglass is the manufacturer of the pool. I consider the very best to be San Juan pools because no San Juan pool owner has ever contacted our company for restoration before the pool was at least 27 years old. Finally, there is no such thing as a surface that will last a "lifetime", unless you consider a lifetime to be 20 years or less (excluding only San Juan). Frankly, I thought 20 years was a "generation", but the pool manufacturer's and builders seem to have the two terms confused. Fiberglass requires considerably less chemicals and far less maintenance that any other pool currently in existence.

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