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Q: Can you burn holly tree wood on stoves?
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Can you burn holly tree wood in a fireplace?

Yes. Not the best in the world, but if you have it, you can use it.

Can you burn holly tree wood in a woodstove?

Of course. It's a myth that there are certain types of wood that you can't burn in a woodburner. Only make sure softwoods are well-seasoned. Holly will burn green and I have just filled my burner with green stuff cut down yesterday and it is burning well!

Can you burn palm tree wood?


Is it safe to burn wood from a lilac tree?

no no no

Can you burn wood from a Catalpa tree in a wood stove?

Yes: it is a relatively soft wood, so it may burn hot and fast.

Did they have stoves in the 1940s?

Yes, for cooking and for heating. Wood stoves, oil stoves, gas stoves, and electric stoves.

What causes wood to burn?

friction made heat , this will burn the tree in forest

What has the author R Thomas Wykes written?

R. Thomas Wykes has written: 'Sizing wood stoves in Oregon' -- subject(s): Stoves, Wood, Wood Stoves

What did people use to cook in the olden days?

Coal stoves, Wood stoves, Wood fires.

Can you burn bottle brush tree wood in fireplace?


Can you burn camphor tree wood?

i my self am trying to find out

Sears Roebuck and Company Wood Burning Stoves?

Yes Sears and Roebuck, wood burning stoves.

What type of wood burns the fastest?

Less dense wood will burn fastest, such as balsa wood. In general, the faster a tree grows, the less dense the wood from that tree will be.

What can you burn in a wood-burning stove?

It is best to burn oak, maple, ash, or some other hardwood. What you are really after is something that has a lot of heat output and very little smoke. You can burn coal in a stove that is specifically designed for it - don't assume a wood stove is, because it can burn through the stove. Don't burn trash or plastic in a wood stove. --- According to the University of Idaho: "All wood stoves should have sturdy legs, providing at least 4 inches, and preferably 8 to 10 inches, of air space between stove bottom and floor. Glass windows in wood stoves should be special safety glass designed to withstand thermal shock. A stove designed to burn wood only should not be used to burn coal. Some stoves are designed to burn either. The excessive heat of coal will soon burn out the grate or bottom of a stove designed for wood only. Burn manufactured logs only in an open fireplace they contain wax that burns dangerously hot. "

What products can one find on the Clearview Stove website?

One can find a wide range of multi-fuel stoves, the website also have different models of stoves that one can choose from. The stoves can be used in smoke control areas in the UK to burn wood.

Can you burn tree of heaven wood in the fireplace?

The odor would be disagreeable.

Is Harry Potter's wand the holly or the phoenix?

Both. Harry Potter's wand is made of wood from a Holly tree and contains the tail of a Phoenix.

What species of tree has the wood with the highest temperature to burn of all wood?

For New Zealand, it is the native Tree "Miro", followed closely by "Rata".

Is apple wood good for wood burning stoves?

Like any other wood it should be dried to at least 80% and will burn just as well. If the wood is 'wet' or 'green' (meaning freshly cut) then it is not good for burning.

Where does the name holly come from?

the name holly comes from the place holly wood which is in holly wood. also from a plant called the holly bush .

Is wood from the catalpa tree okay to burn as firewood?

yes but it will burn faster than most wood and make sure its about 6 months old

What types of stores sell wood pellet stoves?

In my area the best type of store for wood pellet stoves is a Fireplace shop.

What are the benefits of wood stoves?

Wood stoves can be cheaper to heat than other types of fuels, due to the costs of the fuels. Especially if you have access to wood on your property or free firewood, this can drastically reduce your fuel consumption costs. It is also self-sufficient. Other types of stoves may rely on electricity or gas that must be provided by a utility company, but wood stoves are fueled by wood that you provide yourself. Some people also like the the look of wood stoves better than modern stoves.

Would it be dangerous to burn the wood of a dead yew tree in an indoor fireplace?


Is it safe to burn pepper tree wood in a fireplace?

no it will catch a your house on fire