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Hey most software for the apple mac will work on a normal computer but you need to have and very up tp date computer and alot of times you will get an error message but it is possible and considering its a mac INSTALL disk im afraid its not gonna work and if you nee to reboot your computer just put the install disk in the mac and it will automaticly take you to options to start the computer

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How can you change the operating system from Ubuntu to windows on your PC?

get a windows install disc of windows, pop it in your disc tray, and do a fresh install pretty obvious answer isn't it?

How can I install Linuxmint?

Burn the downloaded iso image to disc. Boot from the disc....

How do you get rid of Windows 7 and get xp?

If you have perform a Custom install from windows xp to windows 7. You can speak to a technical support at 1 800 936 5700. They will guide you in reverting back to windows xp using windows.old folder in your computer. However, If you have perform a clean format install, then, Install windows xp using windows xp installation disc...

How do you make Windows 7 new Install disc?

You can use the recovery disc.

What is involved in burning an image to a DVD?

If using Windows, burning images to a DVD is a simple process of inserting the disc, and choosing Burn Files to Disc from the menu. Follow the instructions given by Windows, and drag any images you wish to burn into the empty folder in Windows Explorer. When you've chosen all the images, right click the DVD Drive image and click Burn to Disc.

How do you reprogram computer using windows 98?

you don't have to, computers are programed by the install disc, computers have the parts to make it all work, you just put in the disc, & install, I think you download 98 for free, but get the SE

Your PC is showing missing windows system32 config system and refusing to load windows I have Windows XP but no recovery disc what can I do?

Burn a disc and use your key (on your pc).

How do you create a system repair disc not USB on Windows 8.1?

If you have an empty disc you will be able to visit the Microsoft official site and locate the system repair suitable for your version of Windows. After downloading the correct file you can burn it to the disc using a disc burning software. Then simply put the disc in your selected computer and you're good to go!

How can you burn mov files to disc?

yes it works on windows and macs.

How do you reset an entire computer as if it were brand new?

There are two ways; 1. On some computers like HP you can restore the computer by using restore discs, you burn a disc/s from a built in program on your computer and then reboot your computer, boot the computer to the disc/s and follow the steps. If your computer does not have that you can use the other way. 2. You can buy (if your computer is a PC) a new windows installation disc (this the expensive way) and install windows from the disc again.

How do you burn PS1 games using Nero?

How do you format windows vista when an error keep coming up that keeps saying can not format this volume of windows you are using this operating system?

You cannot format the drive / partition that Windows Vista is currently running on while it is running. You will need to boot from either a partition utility disc, such as GParted, or the install disc of the operating system you want to install, and format the drive from there.

Can ps2 disc burn by using Nero?

yes you can

Can you use one lap-top's recovery discs to install the operating system on a different laptop?

No , you need installation disc, but you can make a one yourself, download windows 7 iso file, then burn it onto DVD, that is your installation disc, then get a windows 7 key to activate it .

Can Linux operating system be replaced by windows?

Yes, as long as you have a Windows installation or restoration disc and valid license key. Just boot your computer from the Windows disc, reformat the hard drive, and install Windows.

How do you burn GameCube games?

You can download your game choice, (an iso file) and burn it to a disc using a disc burning program. I use Power2Go

If you have windows 95 and are trying to upgrade to windows xp but the upgrade won't work what is the problem?

you cannot upgrade from win95 directly to xp without a fresh install, if you have purchased an upgrade disc, you need windows 98 or newer. If you have purchased a regular install disc, back up your important files, and boot from the install disc, you do this by setting the BIOS (in "setup", before the O.S. starts to load)

How do you burn a disk with your video made with Windows Movie Maker and what disc do you use?


How can I burn a protected DVD disc on windows media player?

yuguik f,l

How can you get windows install disc?

The Windows installation disc should have come with your new computer. If you lost it, contact Microsoft for a new one. Or you can go to a store and buy a new copy.

Install Windows Vista?

Just insert the Vista disc and follow the on screen instructions

How can you install windows on Mac without CD?

If you do not own a copy of Windows you will need to purchase a copy. It is only available on a disc.

Can you install windows 7 using a Recovery disk from another computer?

That will depend on how the recovery disc is structured. If it uses the manufacturer's own imaging program to create the system on the disk, it will likely not work with another computer. If it uses the usual Windows installer, it should work. Regardless of whether you can install Windows from the disc, it will usually not be activated and you will have to purchase another license key to use it on that computer.

How to clean a hard drive to to install windows xp?

If you are going to a fresh install, there is no need to clean anything. Backup what you want saved. Make sure that you have the drivers you would like to save. Ensure the boot sequence in your bios. Using a genuined Xp disc, restart your PC with the windows Xp disc in the ROM and follow the on-screen info.

How does an individual burn a movie to a dvd disc?

There are many ways one can burn a movie onto a DVD disc. One can burn a movie onto a DVD disc by using a popular computer program such as DVD Studio Pro.