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Can you buy PS3 consoles legally from Hong Kong if so where?


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fortress is a good place to buy consoles in hk


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All the PS3 games I have bought from Hong Kong thus far have an English option. Usually they are Chinese / English. Marcos from Brazil.

No sorry, Xbox and Playstation 3 are two different consoles, xbox controllers are for xbox consoles and ps3 controllers are for ps3 consoles. hope this helped

NO... PS2 games will work on a PS3 ... PS3 games do not work in PS2 Game consoles, PS3 Consoles made for the past 3 years do not play PS2 games and PS3 consoles with only 2 USB ports do not play PS2 games.

No that is one of the PS3 consoles with 2 USB ports and part of the 3rd generation of PS3 consoles. Only the first 2 generations of PS3 consoles with 4 USB ports play PS2 games with backward compatiblity

There are no differences in the games of the consoles. There is only a difference in the design of the consoles, nothing else. So all PS3 games can be played on any PS3, whether fat or slim.

PS3 accessories are only for the PS3 not for Xbox.. Xbox and PS3 are Different consoles

You don't. PS3 controllers are also for PS3 consoles that have a USB

No except for early PS3 consoles that had 4 USB ports PS3 consoles can not play PS2 games.

Purchase PS3 games only for PS3 consoles, they don't work in PS2.

It will be on ps2,ps3 and on xbox

no it's only for PS3 games and Consoles

No it is a PS2 game and they do not work on most PS3 game consoles.

Both the PS2 and PS3 do

Nope since donkey kong is old and ps3 is about 2 years so (Self Explanitory)

Not sure about the PS3 but I took my UK PS2 and it works in Spain

Yes this was a selling point for the PS3.

The consoles that are used are the ps2, ps3, xbox 360 and live and wii

They are called PS3 games because that is what they work on. The PS3 games are not forward compatible and do not work on PS1 or PS2 consoles or on the portable PSP or PSP GO. Some PS3 game titles have other versions with different software that allow them to be used on the other game consoles or the PC and those other versions of the Game Titles will not function on the PS3. None of the Games designated as PS3 will work on other game consoles because each console requires unique software in the game design. The fact that PS3 games are on Blu-ray discs is not the only reason they only perform on PS3 game consoles.

Yes of course you can search on youtube you'll see

yes the sell PS3 games and consoles worldwide

no PS3 games do not play on anything else except PS3 game consoles. This includes MAC and PC computers, all Game consoles, Portable game players including those made by Sony that work with the PS3, or any other game playing devices.

Technically PS3 but both of consoles are good

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